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Winter Bear by VWinter Bear by V

Winter Bear by V

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    BTS ARMYHace 12 minutos


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    Willy Wonka44807Hace 12 minutos

    Bts is gay the only reason some people love them they all look cute I don’t even know which one is one because they look the fucking same and half of the fan don’t even know what there saying like wtf who even listen something that even don’t understand and these are fucking are obsessed with bts like get a life dumb bitches

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    SusiHace 13 minutos

    Holy blueberry is Tae the most beautiful human oof

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    Naznin NaharHace 13 minutos

    Just let jungkook edit the next mV

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    J- MINEHace 15 minutos

    2019? I still want to cry cause I don't understand what they say~😭😭

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    Sunflowers CutieHace 16 minutos

    Next 23m for the “good boy.”

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    jlove 💜 BTSHace 18 minutos

    Ive watched this video so many times this point. Kim Taehyung u are so beautiful! And ur voice is heavenly!!!

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    Ariza joyce Dela cuevaHace 18 minutos

    Who's watching this because of BTS hiatus?

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    BTSARMY_ 4EVERHace 20 minutos


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    Another RandomHace 22 minutos

    Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love BTS’ stylist like-

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    Eds AmarilloHace 23 minutos

    One of the most historic moments of BTS..

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    Rev'zKieHace 24 minutos

    V is so hot when he beat his lips :)

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    Rosé's JendeukieHace 27 minutos

    Why isn't anyone talking about Jungkook or Jin???

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    Zulfa MaulidaHace 28 minutos

    Love BTS jin jeon Jungkook rm Suga V Jimin j hope

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    Karien ReynandaHace 28 minutos

    Namjoo kek pake batik. Batik Baduy.

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    Jeon JungkookHace 29 minutos

    Do you love Jeon Jungkook?? Yes - like No - ignore

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    Malvika mandiHace 29 minutos

    Taejin subunit please bighit

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    priyaHace 29 minutos

    It's a Bruno Mars songs for wiz and Snoop - wild and free. I was wondering where did I hear it

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    jimin_ARMY_bts ARMYHace 29 minutos

    Do you like jimin? Yes=like No=ignore

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    JikookshiteuHace 30 minutos

    Song: Youth by Troye Sivan Thank me later <:

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    Ztrellita sanHace 32 minutos

    awww мy вaвy jιмιn deverιa de cυιdar мaѕ ѕυ ѕalυd anтeѕ de loѕ enѕayoѕ 😊 мe preoĸυpan тodoѕ ι love yoυ 💜 bts

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    yui rum pumpumpumpumpumpumHace 34 minutos

    Yoonmin สแวกวกใกาหปงงกวหสหวกวกวแว!!!!!

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    Gesa HesaHace 34 minutos

    ILove you jimin

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    PaolaHace 36 minutos

    Yaaaaaaaaas biiiiiiitch Ed Sheeran who

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    luphe veviHace 36 minutos


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    Rzky NdnHace 36 minutos

    Nonton ulang bts bomb💜💜

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    Maybel MyoHace 40 minutos


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    remember0416Hace 40 minutos

    시상식에서 이 곡으로 무대해주세요. 이왕이면 미국에서 큰 행사에서도 해주세요. 아미만 보고 지나가기엔 너무 아까워요ㅠㅠ

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    Bella Naji isbellaHace 41 un minuto

    Bts and army are family beautiful woww I like bts

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    Sara zeansHace 41 un minuto

    Wouuuu esto ya tiene 2M de vistas y no tiene ni una hora que se subio #ARMYDeCorazon

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    Mercy Nicole CooperHace 43 minutos

    Okay......I had a favorite...but now I don't know, can I have all? 🤷😭😂❤️😍🤦dang suga is incredibly hot!

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    iamziza 23Hace 43 minutos

    TF kim f TAEHYUNG

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    beatrice benzHace 44 minutos

    Happy namjoonie day

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    Mika VHace 44 minutos

    Wow the dislike 1.3k ...?! Seem anti really come here because theirs favs can’t dance sexily and seductive peoples without showing their private body or shirtless?!

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    LauraHace 44 minutos

    He looks so tall in this video, like ?????

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    Ainme HikariHace 44 minutos


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    anne perezHace 45 minutos

    Always bts is the best

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    Bella Naji isbellaHace 48 minutos

    Bts is our heart beat never back down bts ilove you forever and ever.

  39. author

    BTSforever andfeverHace 48 minutos

    Why is no one talking about Jin😍😍😍

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    Namjoonie UWUHace 48 minutos

    1:57 The way Jimin sits down 😩

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    PilotOWHace 49 minutos

    It is speculated that this song was written by Tae about his grandma who looked after him since he was a child. I can see the correlation between the lyrics and how it would fit with him. We love you Tae and Grandma Tae <3

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    Ely CBHace 51 un minuto

    Siento que muero, el corazón me palpita muy rápido cada vez que veo este video, es tan sexy, tan hermoso, su voz su manera de cantar y que movimientos de hombros tan sensuales, la expresión de su rostro me mata y que manera de morder sus labios, aaaah Kim Taehyung es, perfecto.

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    Syifa MaurizkaHace 53 minutos


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    xiaomei naeHace 53 minutos

    Did anyone notice at 0:36 Jungkook stepped on V's shoe???

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    alex mercerHace 54 minutos

    It's my birthday today

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    Rosé's JendeukieHace 56 minutos

    Why isn't anyone commenting on how tall Jeongukk is?????

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    Lipi SabilHace 57 minutos


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    Fany NandeHace 57 minutos

    ㅐㅔㅔㅁ ㅠㅅㄴ

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    kim ifannaHace 58 minutos

    Ahh taehyung you make my girl with luv:v

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    Uma_Army _debochadaHace 59 minutos

    0:25 J-Hope.., você não tem o direito de acabar comigo... ;-;

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    ShOoKHace un hora

    The epitome of beauty. Ethereality. Unique, stunning, perfect. A whole man.

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    thuy hoHace un hora

    taehyung hat hay qua

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    Meow3431Hace un hora

    oh I saw that great dancer but couldn’t tell who it was from far. I was like omg that guy moves so smooth, and he isn’t even jhope, who is he? jungkook? oh well no surprise he’s a great dancer. oh no is he jin? omg I’m so proud of you jin. oh wait it’s jhope 🤦‍♀️ I always fall for that guy.

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    applegreen2 yuHace un hora

    뷔진 죽어도 좋아 유닛 또 보고 싶어요. 귀여운 미남들 보라해

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    Altynai AhmetjanHace un hora

    Русские вы где🙁🙁🙁

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    ra arHace un hora

    I miss you

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    Park JiminHace un hora

    Eu realmente acredito q Jikook seja real... ❤️

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    Renee MillerHace un hora

    Why do the look SO attractive in these suits

  59. author

    Rosé ARMYHace un hora

    Come on, 30M views for Tae's Birthday, we can!😍

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    Faith MalekHace un hora

    What song is this?! I gotta download it asap.

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    Залина АмбаловаHace un hora


  62. author

    Destroyer smashHace un hora

    Why don't bts do a movie

  63. author

    Josue QuispeHace un hora


  64. author

    Jjoonnaa -ShiiHace un hora

    I keep repeating Taehyung’s moves 😍

  65. author

    Rina ErawatiHace un hora


  66. author

    Taehyung on earthHace un hora

    Thx 4 this I really enjoyed and appreciated. Thx again

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    Nyamkhuu TogtohbayarHace un hora

    Rm and J - hope 😂😂😂 and V 😂😂😂😂

  68. author

    Taehyung on earthHace un hora

    U look so good

  69. author

    Ramisa HaqueHace un hora

    Those pants are hella tight ... I am getting distracted very easily 😅

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    bts dorksHace un hora

    Taehyung is the definition of beauty ,cuteness and sexiness

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    lil meow meowHace un hora

    Are we not going to talk about Hoesok at 13:55 looking like a shnack and being fucking Aphrodite?

  73. author

    Nanee AhHace un hora

    Me apaixonei de novo! Essa voz! Juntem meu corpo do chão.

  74. author

    Corz MariHace un hora


  75. author

    THace un hora


  76. author

    alzlnh b.Hace un hora

    Please add English subs thanks 😊

  77. author

    alzlnh b.Hace un hora

    Please add English subs thanks 😊

  78. author

    BTS ArmyHace un hora

    الله يجيبكم بسلام للرياض ويكون احلا كونسسرت بالعالم 😩💜💜💜

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    Kim AirinHace un hora

    He just kill me😳😳

  80. author

    Valeria AlexandraHace un hora


  81. author

    lina ortegaHace un hora

    Ayyyy señor santo😂😂😂😂❤

  82. author

    FRIDA SVSHace un hora

    Te amo

  83. author

    NicoleHace un hora

    Can we appreciate Taehyung's voice? it's magnificent😍

  84. author

    Rhayh MeirelesHace un hora

    Rindo horrores com a crise de risos do Taehyung kakakakakaka amoo❤❤❤

  85. author

    αlмσlσσк -armyHace un hora

    Tai did you know that your voice is very beautiful...♥

  86. author

    - VirleotaHace un hora

    6:52 did u guys see what I see👀🤣

  87. author

    Uzma IkmalHace un hora

    Jungkook look creepy

  88. author

    Leah _18Hace un hora

    This vid is so pure jimin’s laugh is so precious these boys with fun how can we not love 💜

  89. author

    Alice OliveiraHace un hora

    O que tem olho de gato é mais bonito mais o jimim é mais bomito

  90. author

    Daniela 93Hace un hora

    Acá en septiembre de 2019 Esta es la primera canción de BTS que escuché y me enamoro 😻😻😻

  91. author

    Caro KookHace un hora

    Hobi is very very cute ㅠㅠ

  92. author

    Zalak ParamarHace un hora

    I love you so much bts please not going in future

  93. author

    BunnyBonBonHace un hora

    I just realized V was cosplaying as Eriol and he had Kero omf

  94. author

    애디Hace un hora

    홉오빠 얼마나 좋았을까....

  95. author

    Suu9ashine 03Hace un hora

    Who’s here 2019 cuz of it pop up on the feed

  96. author

    Lalisa LaliecHace un hora

    V is very hansome with blue hair

  97. author

    MarieHace un hora

    This is so cute and illegal I can’t even

  98. author

    Dark DreamsHace un hora

    I know that tae must be singing for yoongi

  99. author

    فقيم 1Hace un hora

    اكثر اغنية احبها و حبيتها من غناها جونكوك ☹️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 190920

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    vivis. S2Hace un hora

    Music minut 2:27 ?