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    UrgeHace 7 meses


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    CaptainSparklez PlaysHace 10 meses

    Hello, i was woundring, whats your hotmail/gmail for business enquiries

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    nithin mathewHace un año

    Hey do you monetize your videos?

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    2nd BestHace 2 años

    Dear friend, I really enjoyed your channel . I wonder if you would allow me to use your lyrics clip of Adele's " A Million Years Ago" so that I could add arabic lyrics to it and then post it on my channel . With all due respect to you

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    Barbarella BlueHace 2 años

    Sweet Videos! Maybe sub 4 sub? :)

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    LyRanda AaleceHace 2 años

    You have a great channel! I am LyRanda Aalece! Check out my channel!!! I think you will like it too!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!

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    Josiah DivisHace 2 años

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