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  1. author

    2,808,892 views #1 ON TRENDINGHace 8 minutos

    Imagine if Japan beat Springboks and Ireland beat the All Blacks.. Japan would surely go all the way

  2. author

    Chris SummersHace 9 minutos


  3. author

    Jas SrawHace 11 minutos

    Good that Scotland didn't have to sue World Rugby after all.

  4. author

    chicago boysHace 11 minutos

    Well done nipón

  5. author

    Derek TaitHace 12 minutos

    Wow just wow.... can they topple South Africa in the quarter finals ( wait are they playing South Africa? ) a bridge to far I think but good on them for getting into the quarter finals👍💪

  6. author

    Hona WikeepaHace 12 minutos

    Game of the RWC so far. Well done Japan. Now people must take you seriously. Cheering in NZ.

  7. author

    brunoHace 13 minutos

    god saves Fiji !

  8. author

    Nigel BuckhamHace 14 minutos

    Brilliant. How rugby used to be played.

  9. author

    My Red Bearded LifeHace 14 minutos

    This makes me so happy....I love this country so much

  10. author

    FNWHace 14 minutos

    This is impossible.. a right wee guys what have you done?

  11. author

    Desmond SeetoHace 14 minutos

    Leitch responding in Japanese is as classy as the team’s performance!

  12. author

    かずなべHace 17 minutos

    let's go to court let's will be trial

  13. author

    Bandy BushidoHace 17 minutos

    Busier than Kevin bacons acting career, lol epic.

  14. author

    t vHace 17 minutos

    Firstly I must express my deepest sympathy for the typhoon victims. I stayed up until 2am just to watch this game even though I had school the next day. What a game! Respect to both teams from New Zealand.

  15. author

    DarlyBallsmanHace 17 minutos

    So great to see the game grow. I know it might be naive, but it really feels like the world in union.

  16. author

    cristyn jenkinsHace 19 minutos

    Japan should enter the Rugby Championship alongside NZ AUSTRALIA & ARGENTINA & SOUTH AFRICA

  17. author

    pulaatHace 19 minutos

    This is such a big moment. Fantastic

  18. author

    RKNHace 21 un minuto

    At 43:20 you'll understand why beast #1 is a beast🇿🇦

  19. author

    Michael GlencrossHace 22 minutos

    I'm Scottish but well played Japan you really do deserve to go through to the QF. It's sad to think so many Japanese people died from the Typhoon and were unable to see their brilliant country do this, you did it for them. Love you Japan 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  20. author

    OkaniJMCAHace 23 minutos


  21. author

    The TonyHace 23 minutos

    Hey WorldRugby...just some’s pretty shabby to have a 53 second intro on a video that lasts 3.31 seconds.

  22. author

    Harry Symington TuckerHace 23 minutos

    what was incredible about no.5? It was a normal try?

  23. author

    Jamie DHace 24 minutos

    They earned it in impressive style

  24. author

    Helmut83Hace 24 minutos

    What origin is the surname Tipuric?

  25. author

    Senitalita MokofisiHace 24 minutos

    Malo mua Toutai Mo Siale E faifatongia lelei maae ikaletahi. Smiling face tel the world you from friendly island. Lava E ngaue sio kihe kahau welcome pea sii Malo E fkfofongai a Tonga.🙏♥️🌴

  26. author

    Martin SaintHace 25 minutos

    Sports is no substitute for a decent education and Scotland is PROOF to this FACT!

  27. author

    gang bang 101Hace 25 minutos

    Fucken primo good on ya japan

  28. author

    Sandro TogonidzeHace 26 minutos

    საღოლ ძმებო!

  29. author

    Феликс ЭдмундовичHace 26 minutos

    TJ PERENARA заслуживает оскара!!!

  30. author

    たかはしかつひろHace 28 minutos


  31. author

    Roberto GarcíaHace 29 minutos

    Where can I get Japan's jersey?

  32. author

    Michael HarveyHace 29 minutos

    Good game and result for world Rugby. A proper game of strength that should be played by more Asian countries.

  33. author

    a maximHace 30 minutos

    amazing! wish i could watch the whole match

  34. author

    kane ashbyHace 30 minutos

    As a kiwi i supported japan i got sick of scotland and the Italians whining about canceled games and the all blacks during japans biggest hurricane in nearly 60years...

  35. author

    JOSE CASSIANOHace 31 un minuto


  36. author

    Mariano AndrtHace 31 un minuto

    Congratulations Japan ! Good luck for quarter finals from Argentina.

  37. author

    Scrambled GregHace 33 minutos

    You would NEVER get a moment's silence like that in the West.

  38. author

    Kildonan CastleHace 33 minutos

    Unlucky USA - I was hoping you'd do it. Best of luck from Scotland.

  39. author

    JJHace 34 minutos

    Ahhhh elimination. Hello again, my old friend.

  40. author

    KyleHace 34 minutos

    Why cant I find this on itv hub? Useless fu****s.

  41. author

    yakisuebaHace 34 minutos


  42. author

    裏表山猫Hace 35 minutos

    Thank you Scotland from Japan.

  43. author

    Unlucky_Uce676 Munyy687Hace 36 minutos

    YEAAA GOOO TONGA WOOOW🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴

  44. author

    James AngusHace 36 minutos

    It seems the ref simply ignored the concept of offside on the Georgian side. They were standing halfway up the ruck. No wonder the Aussies had trouble.

  45. author

    Kildonan CastleHace 36 minutos

    Argentina were the better side and England were uninspiring as usual. Anyone but England.

  46. author

    Slayer BotHace 36 minutos

    Japans number 11 is a beast

  47. author

    TheDENTAGEHace 37 minutos

    Is the camera person drunk?

  48. author

    Free SoulHace 37 minutos

    They looks prider than us... i mean us real italians😂😂 who life in italy ... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  49. author

    くくふふHace 38 minutos


  50. author

    Kristian YaKa_NatioNHace 38 minutos

    4:58 not magic, just an amazing play 👏🏾.

  51. author

    kuzunkinutsHace 39 minutos

    One of the best matches, by non superstar teams, pure rugby. The way we like a match, tough, gritty, 2 good squads, well done lads!!

  52. author

    cristyn jenkinsHace 40 minutos

    Awesome Japan 😀👍🇯🇵🏉

  53. author

    ukiddingHace 40 minutos

    scotland's low point

  54. author

    Jakey BHace 41 un minuto

    Scotland gets batterd everywhere they go!!

  55. author

    c dHace 41 un minuto

    Just turned the TV on out of curiosity to see how the game was going and my whole French family who is not much into rugby ended up screaming and cheering for Japan. What a game!!

  56. author

    yakisuebaHace 41 un minuto

    Great love to Japan and the people affected by Typhoon Hagibis <3

  57. author

    Kildonan CastleHace 41 un minuto

    As long as England don't win it, I'm happy.

  58. author

    Johannes MertensHace 42 minutos

    I wish our german team would be the same but our turkish players dont sing...

  59. author

    T-one 81Hace 43 minutos

    Hahaha good on you Japan 💪💪👍👍

  60. author

    Greg ThomasHace 43 minutos

    The mana that these 2 have now in Japan is incredible. Mixed with Japanese culture of humility and respect and their input of rugby intelligence has elevated them to where they are now.

  61. author

    Kaiser CaesarHace 43 minutos

    if there were a game like this, i'd buy

  62. author

    Sum BoiHace 43 minutos

    Well done Japan. By half time we didn’t deserve anything out of this game

  63. author

    Tuaine AkaviHace 44 minutos

    Im glad Japan won especially after all the moaning from Scotland blaming the All Blacks for the cancellations lol congratulations to Japan

  64. author

    Jean-Yves GuichaouaHace 44 minutos

    Well done Japan ! You are the living proof that skills and speed overpower muscle and toughness. You are really amazing . All the best for the next match. Your rugby has blossomed indeed. 😎

  65. author

    VirtueOfTheLessBrilliantHace 45 minutos

    Amazing footage post more

  66. author

    Senitalita MokofisiHace 45 minutos

    Thanx for Japan rugby team make all Islander proud you play with them in Pacific cup you only one make it to qfinal. Fiji Samoa Tonga should learn from you. Play with heart physical and smart rugby. Congratulation.🙏🌴

  67. author

    Franck RoudilHace 46 minutos


  68. author

    Saverio FontanaHace 46 minutos

    Congratulations to Uruguay for this rwc...but today Wales even if they struggled they have shown that they can control the match well and when they decided to hit the accelerator they won. I think they also played in energy savings for the future of the cup.

  69. author

    CARL KARELSEHace 46 minutos

    Poetic Justice

  70. author

    ShiroHace 47 minutos

    どこの国もホンマに強かった。レイドローのキックが凄まじかった。 台風で被災した方々への黙祷ありがとうございます(´;ω;`) 日本代表おめでとう!o(`ω´)o

  71. author

    NAWALL SPOCHTERHace 49 minutos

    Japan v South Africa Q-Final poetic, the 2 sides respect each other very much. in my opinion Japan's rise in rugby in the last few years can be attributed 2 the Springboks, with respect to other stakeholders.

  72. author

    MitchHace 50 minutos

    Pure magic. I hope that world rugby gets japan into a major tournament. They deserve it.

  73. author

    Lewi Nga puhiHace 50 minutos

    Japan 0 mighty

  74. author

    Dollymix001Hace 50 minutos

    Ask them how much money they made after backing Japan...

  75. author

    ctctaylor5Hace 51 un minuto

    Only if Townsend subbed of Finn russel then we would have had a fighting chance.

  76. author

    Nation StatesHace 51 un minuto

    Well done japan , hope it lifted your spirits after the typhoon. from a Brit , best wishes

  77. author

    Saia HauHace 51 un minuto

    Better luck in 2023 Scotland....bye, bye braveheart

  78. author

    Jeremy KraemerHace 52 minutos

    Big respect for the fighting spirit of the Japan Team. Congratulations from Europe and France 🇫🇷 good luck for the quarterfinals against springboks

  79. author

    J NHace 53 minutos

    No surprise! they smashed my Fiji team in the Pacific Nations cup this year! lol it was inevitable for them to wreak havoc on these bigger teams!

  80. author

    Faker DeadshotHace 54 minutos

    South Africa is league's above Scotland.This will be retribution and revenge for 2015.Beware Japan.

  81. author

    George Laupane TausiHace 54 minutos

    I hope Japan win the RWC 2019....

  82. author

    ctctaylor5Hace 54 minutos

    I hope townsend looses it in the changing room and lobs a chair at finn russel.

  83. author

    scatterbrainjon79Hace 55 minutos

    As a Welshman, I thought it was an arrogant and lazy performance by us, but all credit and respect to Uruguay. Their defence and attitude was magnificent and they really made a game of it.

  84. author

    Chris ruttleHace 55 minutos

    Jesus, the brave blossoms were on fire and show that the ireland result was no fluke , who would back against them against the boks!!!

  85. author

    asleshHace 57 minutos

    I think this world cup will be fairytale for Japan .. I strongly believe they will win this world cup. Also pray for the people affected by typhoon...

  86. author

    Artistic NavigatorHace 57 minutos

    Japan looked like they were running on air 💨💨 zoom

  87. author

    Saverio FontanaHace 58 minutos

    Scotland made the mistake of waiting for the opponent throughout the first half. You can't wait for so long time an aggressive team like this. Infact they were punished and the try at the start of second half was the breaking point of the match ... then Scotland woke up too late ... it is clear that there will be so much to make in Scotland after the rwc...

  88. author

    Loryck FedorykHace un hora

    Well done Japan

  89. author

    MrbigolnutsHace un hora

    So impressive.

  90. author

    PapaQHace un hora

    Even though it obviously doesn't make up for all the destruction of the typhoon, it's still pretty awesome to see Japan celebrating like this the very next day.

  91. author

    Arnold AgreesHace un hora

    Yall think japan might win ?

  92. author

    TheJahnessHace un hora

    Au loin gronde l'ouragan... Fleur de cerisier est soleil levant...

  93. author

    adventuresinbelievingHace un hora

    Fukuoka, now that's RUGBY!!!!

  94. author

    Batu Han AltaiHace un hora

    Gooo japan gooo 🇯🇵 support from your best friends turkey 🇹🇷

  95. author

    connor o'NeillHace un hora

    With my hand on my heart I can honestly say, japan are solid contenders for the RWC. You cannot fault their play and their defensive line is too strong. My money is they beat south Africa in the quarters and go on to the semis. From a bitter irish fan.

  96. author

    blackhound riseHace un hora

    Japan v South Africa next weekend. Repeat of 2015 or will South Africa find the discipline required for the job

  97. author

    Fernando D'AgnilliHace un hora


  98. author

    Jimnastik JimnastikHace un hora

    Quelle belle équipe. Bonne chance pour la suite du parcours, continuez à nous faire rêver. Bises de France

  99. author

    Robert TrindadeHace un hora

    Super Super Japan 🇯🇵❤👍

  100. author

    Sachihiko KataokaHace un hora

    Team Scotland, now you can learn from team Canada. It’s never late.