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  1. author

    Amanda True CrimeHace un día

    I love him! I have been a fan for years!

  2. author

    Silent KVTHace un día

    Fiji was the first team to introduce the sweeper in sevens.

  3. author

    BrogramHace un día

    Awesome explaining video, exactly what a growing sport needs to capture more fans

  4. author

    Ivan AndreevHace un día


  5. author

    hohahahahahaHace un día

    It is rugby sevens 🏉speedy. They are amazing

  6. author

    Lawrence JalalHace un día

    Daa fiji is da best at everything

  7. author

    Justin HartHace un día

    where's baker

  8. author

    NovastarrHace un día

    Some say....that the party has not stopped in RSA!

  9. author

    Nason SDHace un día

    What a amazing weekend it will be with the sevens Rugby keeping us stuck and locked our eyes on screen😊😊..

  10. author

    Bass Town NcsHace un día

    amazing video

  11. author

    CARLOS DAVIDHace un día


  12. author

    x ortizHace un día

    Do you see the big difference? The Russians are shoulder to shoulder while the Americans you can see it for yourselves.

  13. author

    healthdiosHace un día

    They went into the locker rooms afterwards and measured dicks.... no clear winner.

  14. author

    Mark GableHace un día

    The referee was ridiculous. Let's just say she was inexprianced.

  15. author

    Gerardo ContrerasHace un día

    Me dieron ganas de subirme a un tanque solo de oír ese hermoso himno

  16. author

    Prince PhilipHace un día

    Island power

  17. author

    Born to eat assHace un día

    It’s pretty cool to see Americans waving American flags and face painted Ol’ glory on the faces. Rare sight now tbh

  18. author

    brownshuga24Hace un día

    I have no idea what they're saying, but I love it! You can FEEL it!

  19. author

    Darnell Robinson-JohnsonHace un día

    Up the Sringbox

  20. author

    Abrizzz001Hace un día

    USSR 👍💪🔥🥶

  21. author

    Watch It!Hace un día

    At first i was expecting some Americans being rude to russians supporters,but i changed my mind. I too support Russia over america but that doesn't mean u have to insult america

  22. author

    wholeNwonHace un día

    I wonder what went through Mandela's mind when he saw James Small's facial expression as he remained silent during much of the anthem. After Small's suicide attempt, Mandela reached out to him personally. Very moving.

  23. author

    Sciath Na scoil hurling 2020 QHace un día

    Lol the new Vladimir

  24. author

    KKK KillerHace un día

    The most over rated fly half in the world. 😒

  25. author

    Carlos AlvesHace un día

    I am a Portuguese living and working in Scotland. The Scottish are: easy going, friendly, welcoming, hard-working, always up for a crack and fun. Never double cross them or instead of a friend for life you will have a nightmare :) :) :). I always say to my Portuguese friends. If you meet a Scottish feed them well, treat them like kings and queens and open your best bottle of wine. Yes guys we love your Haggis, Black pudding, Whisky and other goodies. The country is stunning, the landscapes breathtaking, the lassies gorgeous. I am proud that Portugal and Great Britain are the oldest alliance in the world including Scotland. I am a football fan and the only team that can win Portugal without upsetting me is...Scotland. But I love rugby too and because Portugal sucks in rugby I always support Scotland. Love you guys and you... my Scotland

  26. author

    Andrew BigginsHace un día

    Isn't it time to stop this silly spectacle and just play rugby?

  27. author

    The Paranoid PunkHace un día

    Oh, that’s why they called Georgia to train them in scrum? 🙃

  28. author

    stupe 47Hace un día

    We all know they copied irleand.

  29. author

    Oscar ObaroHace un día

    Great guy easy and I call him small bro Ochie

  30. author

    flamadiddledooHace un día

    So he’s always been a twat

  31. author

    Leo DanczakHace un día

    0:54 absolutely massive no arms tackle by Sinckler

  32. author

    23 rangerHace un día

    Very force

  33. author

    legamer _21Hace un día

    A 00:41 😱😱😨😨🤤🤤

  34. author

    Tommy ConlonHace un día

    What a man

  35. author

    Michael BakerHace un día

    That scoreline really did flatter the all blacks.

  36. author

    Renato CamurçaHace un día

    Three most incredible and awesome war sounds: New Zealand's Haka, Japanese Banzai and Russian Hurrrahhhh ...

  37. author

    Zaid MaaytahHace un día

    Слава России

  38. author

    Mason FrenchHace un día

    1:43 as they do this, the stadium begins thundering as if they’re calling upon it. I don’t know if that’s just coincidence, but I’d be very terrified if this happened.

  39. author

    Emmanuel-Carlos KaetavaraHace un día

    Who's watching in 2020? Congrats Kenya, but they needed more blood-fuel and rock-bones after this win - Fiji's still winning since this game, got the Olympic Gold and still going strong - You can't beat the Pacific Tide!

  40. author

    Dastan TalantovHace un día

    Блять клоуны

  41. author

    Эльдар ФёдоровHace un día


  42. author

    X. K. B. W.Hace un día

    "Dang it, Argentina went broke and took my money... again."

  43. author

    PlumpkinHace 2 días

    Notice how the USA spectators have more of there colors on.

  44. author

    R PcHace 2 días

    achei sem graça. adeus

  45. author

    Master_ AnehHace 2 días


  46. author

    OceanBlueHace 2 días

    Let’s go Japan!... Congratulations!

  47. author

    Farook DeanHace 2 días

    27-02-2020 sinking in just now!

  48. author

    Botoman 89Hace 2 días

    I will always prefer the pace in which TJ Perenara leads the haka. It's a tiny bit slower but it has so much passion and you see it flow over to the rest of the ABs

  49. author

    Iosif_ StalinHace 2 días

    *our* red army choir is still better

  50. author

    Triet DangHace 2 días

    Japanese has just realeased a new Anime????

  51. author

    legendsnow SKHace 2 días

    I’m Australian and this match was really good to watch

  52. author

    Piper VeraHace 2 días

    Chills. Literal chills.

  53. author

    fabiola_769Hace 2 días

    Aaaand.. Did they win?

  54. author

    the real creeperHace 2 días

    He came to my school today to teach my school's rugby team!!!!

  55. author

    Pastor GabeHace 2 días

    Demonic spirits

  56. author

    Day anh TranHace 2 días

    Any American Football fans here just checking what Rugby is?

  57. author

    [ Project Lanahi ]Hace 2 días

    God bless America, land of the free.

  58. author

    Ernie SmutsHace 2 días

    What an amazing guy

  59. author

    GunfighterAlphaHace 2 días

    Ah, the french in white, things never change

  60. author

    Mason FrenchHace 2 días

    Imagine having to take on an army of them in a battle, that would be downright terrifying on its own.

  61. author

    BannedDotVideoHace 2 días

    Awesome. Tickled here

  62. author

    Khari ManaHace 2 días

    TJ piranara always murders the haka💪👏

  63. author

    Arun ArjunHace 2 días


  64. author

    Francisco BizzaroHace 2 días

    Eish Dave Chappelle played well on the wing

  65. author

    Jay-ar DonggaasHace 2 días


  66. author

    Ceylon TuskersHace 2 días

    Alvin should have spoken a few words as well, agree?

  67. author

    Ronald WhiteHace 2 días

    Good onya fellas, good to see you enjoying life, rugby and all, cheers.

  68. author

    Ramona BaezHace 2 días


  69. author

    Gean Carlo Loiola CavalheiroHace 2 días

    estou de olho nas competições.

  70. author

    Ioane KoroivukiHace 2 días

    "He's quite a God's blessing". Not for the person trying to tackle him he isn't!!! 🤣 All the best Kenya!

  71. author

    Stephen DibbernHace 2 días

    Strong team Kenya in general all the best in Vega's 💪

  72. author

    OzbozHace 2 días

    This is so frustrating to watch because we were so good here and then terrible in the final😭

  73. author

    † Ivan LončarHace 2 días

    Well, this was very beautiful, Greetings from south slav and little ally🇭🇷✝️🇺🇸

  74. author

    DrodHace 2 días

    Some of these hits are as hard as NFL hits

  75. author

    Enrico du PlessisHace 2 días

    Phew!! What a game! Well done to both teams.

  76. author

    WasselHace 2 días

    What I find truly incredible is this being on my recommendations

  77. author

    roryhigsmitHace 2 días

    It’s amazing watching japan evolve into a tier 1 rugby nation

  78. author

    Max FrenchyHace 2 días

    Good riddance Guirado!! Ce chat noir

  79. author

    The Yopin ChannelHace 2 días

    wait that was meant to be the incredible response standing in a arrowhead formation. Oooooh

  80. author

    gardenia73 MccreadyHace 2 días

    in this game France v Fiji - ha the french player trying to foot trip the Fijian try scorer, he just wasn't fast enough

  81. author

    Alexander SalinasHace 2 días

    Nobody: Comments: Cold war

  82. author

    Archie Craigie HalkettHace 2 días

    So many current Scots

  83. author

    Will FlavellHace 2 días

    Namibia were good in the first half but what happened in the second half

  84. author

    Derek Merli MartinsHace 2 días

    The USA is better!🇺🇸

  85. author

    Николай КосинскиHace 2 días

    странно, что в ответ никто не догадается заржать всей командой добродушно, пальцем показывать и за животики держаться от смеха. Забавляться этим шоу и хлопать в конце как клоунам. На смех поднимать, иными словами.

  86. author

    Distillato di peraHace 2 días

    2:50 Just perfect

  87. author

    indicakittyHace 2 días

    I love it

  88. author

    zonkus culture zonkusHace 2 días

    I love Russia more than any country even the One I come from Nigeria.

  89. author

    zonkus culture zonkusHace 2 días

    I love Russia more than any country even the One I came from Nigeria.

  90. author

    François van der WesthuizenHace 2 días

    he is the coolest dude

  91. author

    OceanBlueHace 3 días

    This is what Captain Cook faced when he arrived in Australia! 😂.

  92. author

    mr chipHace 3 días

    Pelite is possibly the most balanced rugby player I've seen in 30 years of playing and watching the game.

  93. author

    Gaz RobertsHace 3 días

    10:00 definitely forward.

  94. author

    Ritwika SimranHace 3 días

    I loved the Soviet Union ... I love Russia

  95. author

    Asi RokosuguHace 3 días

    Tuisova try against Wales

  96. author

    Daniel Gaming IndoHace 3 días

    Imagine if USSR in the video

  97. author

    Tina NgwaneHace 3 días

    This thing sent shivers down my spine fr fr Poor England 😂😂😂

  98. author

    Stephanie ColesHace 3 días

    Wow, what an honor.

  99. author

    Tijana BogicevicHace 3 días

    0:07 Cim sam cula pocetak odma me mucnina hvata

  100. author

    Will FlavellHace 3 días

    1999 was Australia’s best World Cup year and 2019 was their worst