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    nishan aka_nashHace un minuto

    "sadly no usb-c this year" 😂 Um sorry...which year they had it?😂

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    MetalMike56Hace 2 minutos

    This guy looks like a baby with a 5 o'clock shadow. Good content though.

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    Ryz LaurenzHace 2 minutos

    that is why i always wait for you! freaking awesome cinematic review as always!!

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    Shane P.Hace 2 minutos

    13:36 that guy is fine as hell !!!

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    naaz nachuHace 4 minutos

    It’s just for iPhone users who want to know it’s time for upgrade or no 😂😬

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    Marius CociubaHace 5 minutos

    just watched your clip after MKBHD's... i liked yours better! :) keep it up.

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    ChickkenSaladHace 6 minutos

    Fkn killed it with this one! goddamn! :D great work man. always inspiring.

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    Victor Hugo LopesHace 10 minutos

    Love your videos

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    The Raddest ScorpionHace 11 minutos

    16:40 people who aren't boys can screw off, it seems ffs

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    Hassan MestiHace 11 minutos

    that front-facing camera is the best that I've ever seen

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    Caleb DreweryHace 11 minutos

    All the megapickles

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    Dayal SinghHace 11 minutos

    Introduce some new peoples dont know and dont understand and make that shit super expensive.

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    Dwayne JonesHace 12 minutos

    Ok apple fan boy calm down it's not the best phone you so bias

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    C LosHace 13 minutos

    What’s the name of the song she’s singing during the mic test.

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    Anildeep SinghHace 14 minutos

    It’s Tim Cook not Tim apple or oranges or Tim. Grapes

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    Muji HuzHace 15 minutos

    Legends have been true, time passes faster when watching Jonathan videos.

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    Louie FajardoHace 17 minutos

    How can this be called PRO? No - USB C No - Pro Motion Display No - Reverse Wireless Charging (for AirPods) No - Under Display Finger print reader. Last - That Notch still presents for 3 years now.

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    B.Hace 17 minutos

    I wasn’t intrigued because of the three cameras but watching your video has my mind changed. Especially for someone who’s starting back up my ESreporter channel and would rather use my phone than buy a whole new camera. Thank you for this, absolutely love your videos. You’re always so honest and true and just not hyping up apple just cause. Appreciate you!

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    Will GaoHace 18 minutos

    12:55 nice pikachu wallpaper there 😏 16:15 oh that’s why it’s been part of your plan all along 🤯

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    The Raddest ScorpionHace 18 minutos

    9:33 couldn't you COULDN'T care less

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    Kushal KarHace 20 minutos

    That camera transition in the intro 👌👌

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    LiveMoreLifeHace 20 minutos

    Damn bro. That intro was crazy.

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    Richard CampsHace 20 minutos

    Amazing footage!

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    naaz nachuHace 22 minutos

    We r not paying just for camera, but we r paying for design too.. or we will buy a camera it self 🤭😂😂🤣

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    K. D.Hace 22 minutos

    Jon, does FaceID work on a table now without the head tilt? or still no?

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    Lucas SkylerHace 22 minutos

    Hello, is the matte finish much more slippery than xs?

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    heyHace 24 minutos

    Best review.

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    MYTHace 24 minutos

    Very informative, interesting, enjoyable video ... Sir Jonathan Morrison THANK YOU !! That was awesome ..

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    L HKHace 25 minutos

    Mine was expected to arrive on 3rd Oct. :(

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    Rav THace 25 minutos

    the intro kinda give me life

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    K Muralidhar RaoHace 25 minutos

    Pixel boys💪🤣

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    No AhHace 27 minutos

    Team Space Grey or Team Midnight Green? I'm actually Team My Wife Left Me

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    Mason PeeryHace 27 minutos

    This phone can get you all of the grandmas you want

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    Muji HuzHace 28 minutos

    Jonathan in 2014: Megapickles Jonathan in 2019: Megapickles Men never change

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    vishal shrivastavHace 29 minutos

    This is the channel where Apple gets justice. Genuine reviews, always :)

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    mrgibbles09Hace 29 minutos

    iPhone semi-pro

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    barventure tvHace 30 minutos

    Why so handsome? 😍

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    E SHace 32 minutos

    13:07 Titan angry

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    heyHace 33 minutos

    Thanks for showing the front facing camera.

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    Igor V.Hace 33 minutos

    Your good. Like and subscribed.

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    alan payneHace 33 minutos

    Last iPhone was iPhone 4s. This is the first iPhone that has made me want to possibly revert back to iOS.

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    Mr. SayHace 35 minutos

    you make too much better trailer than apple official trailer

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    Robert IbanezHace 36 minutos

    Damn didn’t even feel like 24min. But I went past my lunch break ...oops

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    Jerome TrinonaHace 37 minutos

    Jonathan’s arms damn. I mean nice review!

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    Tony TonyHace 38 minutos

    Shut the fuck up!!

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    MathieuHace 39 minutos

    Apple might not pay for hotels/flights to their events, but if you don't stay in line with the narrative they want from you, you will never be invited to another Apple event, which in turn will hurt your viewership/etc. Just because they don't need to pay for you, doesn't mean the end result isn't the same.

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    Wilmer LebronHace 40 minutos

    Wow! Man you are getting better and better! I felt I was watching an Art 🖼 Film 🎞! Rock On Man! 🎸🎶🔥🤘🏻

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    mike andreHace 41 un minuto

    beautiful video review

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    prankster gangsterHace 45 minutos

    if that iPhone has usb type c in screen finger print phone to phone charge so u can charge ur apple watch with iPhone and extra one camera that would be perfect!!!

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    heyHace 45 minutos

    its green to represent all the money you spent on it. i want lol

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    Ravi TejaHace 45 minutos

    Excellent review. Have seen many videos till now, none of them are close to you. In-depth information. Appreciated. Thanks.

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    Matthew WaltersHace 46 minutos

    Your videos are soooo loud 👌🏻

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    Alexei DratchovHace 46 minutos

    I think you are right about the Lightening vs USB C. But the iPhone PRO is not for most consumers. For the iPhone 11 that would have been fine, because most people will buy this one. But the PRO one should have a USB C one.

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    Ketan ChotaiHace 47 minutos

    What a video. The perfect review

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    Dagobert DuckHace 49 minutos

    19:30 Jonathan, you forgot to clip your right middle finger nail, hehe.

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    KarkiHace 54 minutos

    His choice of music is amazing🖤

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    JMGHace 54 minutos

    I’m really believing this is some sort of mind game... Am I like the only person in the world that is very tired of these same ol phones no drastic changes I mean come on how could they not have done all these things yet to older iPhones? Seriously guys are y’all really buying into this? I’ve tried so hard to feel like this is a new phone but it’s not guys it’s just not....

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    GuyBeyondCooLHace 56 minutos

    The iPhone 11 Pro and Max Pro are not only missing Pro hardware features. It’s also missing pro software features. Apple where my PIP and split screen support for iPhone? Where my Pro editing software?

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    Stelios GerochristodoulouHace 56 minutos


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    Ashish KapadiaHace 57 minutos

    compare a12x vs a13

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    Daniel OrtizHace 57 minutos

    11:56 - Apple has invented a Mega Pickle Sensor. Just messin with ya, Jonathan!

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    Tech A SeatHace 57 minutos

    Damn that intro!!! Man, you are awesome!!!

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    J D BHace 58 minutos

    Great review. There are so many reviews out there and there are a few who do killer reviews. So for me to say this is the best review that says a lot. This is a killer review, keep it up to you and your team...

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    Alyna AzalanHace 58 minutos

    the coral and blue!

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    ThatGeekFromtheGymHace 59 minutos

    11:59 I love mega Pickle sensors too, I love bloopers!

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    Memes GamerHace 59 minutos

    PRO name itself is not matching for iphone Pro coz no USB C, no high fresh rate display , no reverse charging , no touch id under display, no 3D touch , no Smaller notch . I'm expecting this upcoming iPhone 12 or whatever , let's hope so

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    Ajay KumarHace 59 minutos

    USB c charger??

  68. author

    Sharath SatishHace 59 minutos

    4:14 Wallpaper link please

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    Hrithik PradhanHace un hora

    Why did you deleted the song @jonathan Morrison?

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    totok gendengHace un hora

    pixel 4 camera

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    Shoaib AkhtarHace un hora

    Damn this intro 😵

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    Jose HidakaHace un hora

    Lol I never knew how to select text with 3d touch...

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    TheSageLucasHace un hora

    What music app is he using in 8:11?

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    Bible CosbyHace un hora

    *Slofies* gang gang

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    First AvengerHace un hora

    Guys don’t buy the iPhone 11 yet - wait for the Pixel 4 to Launch. Perhaps then Jonathan will hopefully give a great review for the Pixel 4 just like he did it for the iPhone 👍🏻

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    Stay-Frosty11Hace un hora

    What styling gel do you use nowadays?

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    Pablo PunkHace un hora


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    YogsHace un hora

    So happy with android. Sold iphone xr within months. Ios is so boring on top of 2015 specd

  79. author

    pipp33Hace un hora

    Excellent review, inspiring work, Jon!

  80. author

    JoseHace un hora

    Mean while I’m still on the iPhone 6 Plus

  81. author

    Marcus DePewHace un hora

    I need that shirt

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    Paul DHace un hora

    For me, the main thing is the lack of usbC... the MacBook Pro has usbC, the iPad Pro has usbC - yet the iphone pro still has a lightning port - so all those usbC dongles and cables that you use on the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro is not usable on the iphone...which means still carrying and extra cable and iphone for me, it’s not a pro device just based on that alone. I’m also not a nerd - if people dont want pro features and use usbC then they should just get the iphone 11 which is the non-pro device. The other main issue i have with the ‘pro’ iPhones is that iOS feels dated and is still limited - they really need to remake iOS from the ground up rather than keep patching it, tagging things on, and adding a skin to ‘modernise’ it. It’s still just an expensive phone with a few pro stuff without the software to properly take advantage of it.

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    Raqueal HenryHace un hora

    12:25 “hi guys! This is Austin” ♥️

  84. author

    Danish kashaanHace un hora

    Apple has surely 1upd Pixels for now, would be interesting to see what pixel 4 has in store in their owned camera territory

  85. author

    Nicholas LalkoHace un hora

    Jonny boy your videos keep getting better and better!

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    Adrian CabreraHace un hora

    Extremely well done review! I can see the care and thought that went into this. You talked about all the things most consumers would want to hear and from their point of view. You made the selfie portion of the review really interesting with your musical artist guests. I like your video more than MKBHD’s. I agree, it didn’t even feel like a 24min video. Kudos to you and the team!!!

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    ThatGeekFromtheGymHace un hora

    Your opening remind me of a90s tv show

  88. author

    D. ReynaHace un hora

    Damn. Is like he really wants to say the bad things about these phones but doesn't want to loose getting invited to Apple Events 🤣🤣🤣

  89. author

    Dan GageHace un hora

    The visual quality of this video is jaw-dropping.

  90. author

    Raqueal HenryHace un hora

    4:33 I never knew his name, lol thank you for this

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    Fayiz FiroshHace un hora

    Seeing Ralphy in a TLD video in a long time...

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    nellyps3Hace un hora

    I must of listened the singing part of the mic test 50 something times. Great job!

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    jerwidie de guzmanHace un hora

    Love the airpod shirt, it rocks. 🤙🏽

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    Yash KansalHace un hora

    RIP 3D Touch

  95. author

    Yash KansalHace un hora

    RIP 3D Touch

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    Blue Eyed TechHace un hora

    If I didn’t already have a XR I would get the 11

  97. author

    Karl SMAHace un hora

    The "Apple may not be 1st, but they do it right". Get's under my skin. The reason they can do that is because their customers don't demand the latest and greatest tech. They can go for years with no wireless charging or a 5W charger and Apple consumers just shrug. People who buy Samsung, LG, or Huawei products want the newest thing every year. If they followed the Apple model they would be out of business.

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    Ruben FloresHace un hora

    I don’t know how much of an upgrade the phone is (battery thing aside), what keeps getting better and better are the video reviews for these phones. Keep doing you mr. Morrison great content 😃

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    Christophet SteinhauerHace un hora

    I’m not gonna upgrade to the 11 pro this year cuz I have the xs Max and there not much difference but five more hours battery is nuts cuz my phone is really good already

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    Saud KhanHace un hora

    Who is Tim Apple?