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    Humberto GarciaHace 2 días

    Lovley phones💖💓

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    I’m using the same phone as you now with midnight green iPhone 11 pro

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    Chetan KshetryHace 2 días

    The 14-inch is the one I’d immediately buy.

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    Mobile Device E.R.Hace 2 días

    I've had the exact same chaos clown on my 13" MacBook for almost 4 years now and it still looks amazing and it hasn't even started to peel off.

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    Elmuizha CryptoHace 2 días

    Yg kesini gara gara ig siapa?

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    OGR AcidHace 2 días

    How do i apply these?

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    Pedro M.Hace 2 días

    When is the 14 inch MBP coming out?

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    Eff GoogleHace 2 días

    How much headroom does that stand give you?

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    Kumoito jpHace 2 días

    Great work! Great song! Great video.

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    Psycho DudeHace 2 días

    how do i win a free galaxy s9 plus? i really want one. i want to replace my 12 year old phone 😊

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    abc.Hace 2 días

    with my iphone 11 pro max i use only 50% of it usually from like 6.30am-9++pm normal usage! that’s literally crazy. w my iphone 7 i used to have my phone flat by like 5pm

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    Rishabh DhawadHace 2 días

    Is this the video in which he opens 6000 Google tabs ?

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    Rishabh DhawadHace 2 días

    Where is the video in which he opens 6000 tabs ?

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    xd ClitzHace 2 días

    “an apple a year makes your money disappear”

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    Lacey KaplanHace 2 días

    On a scale from 1 to 10, you're an 11.

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    MKB 144pHace 2 días

    awkward thumbnail

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    Rushika PrasadHace 3 días

    I have a problem - when I do this, all the things in my downloads folder go in the wrong order. When I click the fan, it shows me the first few things I ever downloaded, and not the newest things like it did before.

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    sloppy JoeHace 3 días

    As someone that just switched from a Pixel to a OnePlus phone I find myself agreeing with a lot of this video. It's very difficult for me to recommend other phones now to people who have asked me about Android flagships.

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    Melodyman - Fadedjean Recording StudioHace 3 días

    Amazing video, brings a smile to my face to see these guys doing what I wish I can do all day and that computer Leave me speechless!!

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    MultimediaLucarioHace 3 días

    To me they kinda look like some sort of candy

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    John P. ArguetaHace 3 días

    Wowza. Thanks man. Does this still apply to a newly downloaded FC version 2020?

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    Caleb WolfHace 3 días

    Time to start saving!

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    000_131Hace 3 días

    Samsung:my grandma can make a phone better than this overpriced calculator

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    gilang putraHace 3 días

    2020 even almost all smartphone had 'retina' display.. And 4K for desktop and laptops

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    Harsh Doshi VisualsHace 3 días THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DISPLAY

  26. author

    Harsh Doshi VisualsHace 3 días THE TRUTH

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    madhuri munshiHace 3 días

    So wait the a13 bionic can do so much processing in a miniscule amount like that Fuuuuck apple has made IMPROVE FUCKING KENTS

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    THEREALMVPHace 3 días

    ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bad idea lol

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    Seymur AlinHace 3 días

    0:33 I like how you did that so you don't get copyrighted

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    Allura SonoroulHace 3 días

    At 1:52 *_M E G A P I C K L E S_*

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    Chris MoralesHace 3 días

    Did google pay all of y’all to do this video? Literally everyone is doing this video of RAM against Chrome.

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    SluttyGangTVHace 3 días

    who is the girl singing

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    aaliyah medinaHace 4 días

    iPhone xr plz

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    aaliyah medinaHace 4 días

    White and black

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    TheGo GamingHace 4 días

    Anyone here after Kobe’s death?

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    123 Computer & SmartphoneHace 4 días

    Not bad

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    Charles CampusHace 4 días

    Love this products

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    ari_ suarezHace 4 días

    Tehehe hi

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    Hdavis211Hace 4 días

    What’s the difference between the silver and black screens?

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    Lúcio BatistellaHace 4 días

    4:05 name software ?

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    Dovah BearHace 4 días

    the 5500m is basically a 1060 max q in terms of performance, with less wattage usage.

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    Dovah BearHace 4 días

    He is right about the out of context lmao. "And he invited me up to his Room." Dave 2D 2018.

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    Lyan VillacortaHace 4 días

    Not hating on it of course. I just trust hdtvtest more.

  44. author

    Lyan VillacortaHace 4 días

    Came here from HDTVtest. Did i hear you say “Pro AF”? Lol

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    Not A Clickbait ChannelHace 4 días

    2007- 2019 can it run crysis ? 2020 : But can it run chrome ?

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    Don AlderHace 4 días

    here's a scenario you didn't cover. I have a late 2013 MacBook pro retina 2.3 i7 quad core with 16 gig ram, using a fast external nvme m.2 3200 write, etc for both computers in this scenario. I use premiere pro in a primitive fashion no question about that, things are fine for editing video on a 1080p timeline 30fps, using footage from a consumer sony 4k camera, 1080p footage from a canon camera then 1080 footage from a Canon D80 Dlsr, things work fairly well even when I have 4 or five video timelines, titles, greenscreen keying and some lumetri and cropping going on, I can work with minimal stuttering even in best quality, so I thought why not improve and get a MacBook pro 2018 i9 six core with 32 gig ram. which in hopes would smoke the older machine, turns out when working on the same footage, I have to put the video at 1/4 quality and it still stutters much worse then i7 with 16 gig, Whats up with that, sure I can learn better techniques for working in PP cc 2017 but all tests being equal on both machines why is the I7 with 16 gig able to embarrass the i9 32 gig, now im just referring to editing and not rendering etc. Its extremely frustrating, cannot even work properly on the unit, anytime you do anything you have to wait 10-15 secs, not so with with the i7. THOUGHTS ANYONE, and my i9 now is now for sale based on the crappy performance.

  47. author

    Sakir MunshiHace 4 días

    Helpful. White color better.

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    Streamline studio23Hace 4 días

    What about reception/ range... I have been informed that the iPhone 10 isn’t all that good and have trouble in some remote areas. Where as workmates on Android phones seem to have reception??

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    Dominik MuffinHace 4 días

    why am 1 watching dis in 2020?

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    Hell SysopHace 4 días

    Why the guy on 3:42 is staring the sky after watching these two running? He though it's Mars attack or alien invasion and they are running to hide?

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    Omar MHace 4 días

    Introducing a new Apple fiasco can be called : "Chrome Gate"

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    semperfidelis316Hace 4 días

    What RAM and CPU monitor is he using? 4:04

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    B.D WHace 5 días

    Final cut pro makes me want to smash my head down onto a long spike

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    Delain124Hace 5 días

    Your wasting a monitor that has a 144hz on Nintendo games.

  55. author

    NinjaPig905Hace 5 días

    forest green

  56. author

    Sal LopezHace 5 días

    If you have an imac just upgrade it with ssd . Its worth it

  57. author

    JJIPR25Hace 5 días

    And now 2020 I have both Beats X and AirPods 2nd Gen and I do use both sometimes I use AirPods when I go outside then Beats X while in house but mostly the Beats X is more useful when commuting as it is good with noise cancellation

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    Eshaan RezaHace 5 días

    Where's the DVD burner?

  59. author

    Oscar GarciaHace 5 días

    my airpods sound got low for no reason...

  60. author

    FaZe KazeHace 5 días

    I love copy right!! 2:36

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    ジェドHace 5 días

    Looking into buying one, in 2020. Is it still worth it?

  62. author

    k2reem-_-Hace 5 días

    Fuck u

  63. author

    WMS I_T_KHace 5 días

    Apple: I'm the best monitor Sony: stay in the angle and hold my cables

  64. author

    WMS I_T_KHace 5 días

  65. author

    MrScOutHace 5 días

    Theres only one problem with the iphone 11 and iphone Xs max. Despite having a bigger aperture than the xs max the iphone 11 zoom capabilities is not as good as the iphone xs max. When compared to my friend’s iphone 11 side by side with a 5x zoom cus thats the max iphone 11 could do and both phones will be already digitally zoomed since the iphone 11 can on go up to 5x while the iphone xs max could go to 10x. I guess the 11 only wins with the bigger aperture which is much preferred by many including me which allows them to capture night mode while the iphone xs max cant. And ofc the front facing camera is now 12mp with a wide angle.

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    Verne FitsHace 5 días

    awesome video. is it a good machine for Machine Learning?

  67. author

    Tech1111Hace 5 días

    Review galaxy buds+

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    Jeff BarboseHace 5 días

    It's probably been pointed out, but did you notice how macOS is actually managing the memory? Chrome THINKS it's using 1.5TB of RAM because that's what it asked for and that's what it was "given", but two things: if you have multiple tabs visiting the same location, nearly all the assets from the page will be a cached both in disk caches and in RAM while the app is running. Meaning that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th time you copied the set of URLs, most of those will take up significantly less RAM than the initial load. Did you notice that at least in the edit you posted, there was always 600GB of RAM listed as "Free"? That means that according to macOS, you weren't really using all 1.5TB. Gotta love virtual memory systems.

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    Lapis QureshiHace 5 días

    Không khóc dù gặp bao cay đắng

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    Savage BoiiHace 5 días

    Being an android and an iOS user, I’d say it’s better to invest upon iPhones. Better resale values, performs well even after 2-3 years and most importantly, they are not forgotten. Where are all the flagship android devices which were launched a few years back? They’re not even talked about and btw I switched from my S9 to the iPhone X and I’ll say I felt better using the X instead of S9. I say both are better in their own terms, the android has less restrictions compared to the iPhones but that’s what makes the iPhones more safer to use and better for a long term use.

  71. author

    ae86takumiHace 5 días

    I remember getting this at bestbuy for $15 when amazon did a price mistake. lol

  72. author

    Sourav BagchiHace 5 días

    Linus also opened 6000 tabs on a Windows System. It consumes only 200GB of RAM.

  73. author

    siddestroyerHace 5 días

    For all the ILL INFORMED ZOMBIES here kindly check a PROPER review

  74. author

    Alex GardnerHace 5 días

    Mate, the carrier I’m getting a phone from has the XR and the XS for the exact same price. What should I go for?

  75. author

    gurmet gillHace 5 días

    hope she's doing well wish her the best of luck

  76. author

    MΣRCURYHace 5 días

    I'm upgrading my 5s to 8 :) 8 plus is too big for me.

  77. author

    Eshaan RezaHace 6 días

    I need this

  78. author

    Puja KhatiwadaHace 6 días

    Where are you giving

  79. author

    Jon SnowHace 6 días

    Had one sent it back within a week my advice to anyone it’s a good phone little heavy but for me the reading texts and and writings u can see the really bad quality I hated it

  80. author

    CalcrawHace 6 días

    Where the raspberry pi?

  81. author

    lobster whispererHace 6 días

    snob hipster

  82. author

    ALLSTARGAMERHace 6 días

    Honestly I care most about portability, the best part about macbook pros is that they are insanely upgradable, you can get a base model of the 13 inch and upgrade the ram to 16gb of ram and upgrade the ssd, plus the GPU you could get an egpu which will let you use a GTX1080 on the MacBook via thunderbolt cable.

  83. author

    Taras PalHace 6 días

    Did anyone notice that monster pikachu in the bakground... seems kinda blind though

  84. author

    Varun KumarHace 6 días

    iPhone will get future software updates but pocophone doesn't 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Anyway, I love iOS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    uParanormalHace 6 días

    Ya que no te va me la regalas ami

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    Anish KandhiHace 6 días

    We need 2020 version!!!

  87. author

    voradoraHace 6 días

    they could've easily used the vesa standard. but no, it seems you either pay $1000 for the stand, or $200 to not use it. so bad.

  88. author

    towambiiHace 6 días

    This is also a nice review:

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    Keanno BrennelHace 6 días

    what is the size of the video? i just want to know because its exact to my xr and maybe i could use it someday

  90. author

    Keanno BrennelHace 6 días

    what is the size of your screen?

  91. author

    Help me I’m dyingHace 6 días


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    Štěpán TomanHace 6 días

    one love thanks

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    Pandorak PlaysHace 6 días

    I guess you cant make hitech on an ipad... but nice background music you make there ;)

  94. author

    Reza TaghipourHace 6 días

    Man, watching this after watching hdtvtest channels review, makes me laugh SOOOOOO HARD!!!!

  95. author

    Matheau MichalakHace 6 días

    Link to monitor wallpaper at 2:16?

  96. author

    Mual AbbasHace 6 días

    That 24. 🥺

  97. author

    The Banter-CornerHace 6 días

    Those Kantos or Audio Engine A2+??

  98. author

    Dominic ShiellsHace 6 días

    Why not safari , don't you like apple software

  99. author

    Christopher JohnsonHace 6 días

    Where tf have you been

  100. author

    E'raan LueHace 6 días

    It's just a marketing gimmick. It is an impressive consumer product, but nowhere near a professional grade reference monitor