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  1. author

    Ethan GallagherHace un hora

    Literally best song in the world

  2. author

    EZ OfficialHace 4 horas

    love this vibe

  3. author

    Greened OutHace 4 horas

    This song was so good in concert 😍 Thanks for coming to our lil country, new zealand! We love you cozz & earthgang 💚💚

  4. author

    Read FantasyHace 6 horas

    Sean lew someone ?

  5. author

    sdclizbeHace 7 horas

    I need to see this live before I die, every single one of you are indescribably extraordinary

  6. author

    Starkilla55Hace 7 horas

    the hook is shit someone pls make a version with only verses

  7. author

    Butter FlyHace 8 horas

    "shhshshkajhnihxiiuhcbs kajhskjxh bkahckchkaxhj hx kaxhjhkja hakjh kxkah I make sacrifices"

  8. author

    YaBoyTheC.I.BHace 8 horas

    To the people saying da baby had the best part.. I’m assuming you Never been to jiffy lube. Fun fact: Jiffy Lube doesn’t sell gas⛽️

  9. author

    johnathan hobdyHace 9 horas

    Da baby kilt it

  10. author

    Matt WilliamsHace 9 horas

    These verses are historically amazing. Like damn. The beat, the artists. The depth. This is an amazing piece of art.

  11. author

    MARVELITO!!!!!!Hace 9 horas

    Either j cole tall or they short lol

  12. author

    Carl HendricksHace 9 horas

    Positive vibes 🍏✌❗

  13. author

    joshua robertsHace 10 horas

    The baby killed it

  14. author

    E JHace 10 horas

    DaBaby went hard(no homo)🤣🤣🤷🏿‍♂️👌🏿

  15. author

    Sol TaranoHace 10 horas

    wish Kendrick got a verse.. or even a name in the title... RIP

  16. author

    bob hotpocketHace 11 horas

    dude all my friend say that kanye, Eminem, j cole, Kendrick ect. they say all those rappers suck, BUT they listen to lil uzi and juice world like wif

  17. author

    Neil JohnHace 11 horas

    0:13 young nudy all about that fifa life

  18. author

    Stoffon CooperHace 12 horas

    Cool 29

  19. author

    Justincredible aHace 12 horas


  20. author

    Jimmy VegaHace 13 horas

    you KNOW that man Johnny Venus was walking extra fucking careful tryna keep that big ass robe from touching that puddle on set

  21. author

    Inhuman TorchHace 13 horas


  22. author

    Lu OpticHace 14 horas

    I wish the one time we had all three NC Artist on one song theyd shoot the video in NC...

  23. author

    rondre3000Hace 14 horas

    20yrs from now we STILL gon' talk about Cole and call him The Goat.

  24. author

    Tima LHace 15 horas

    I cant listen to this if it's not 10 times in a row 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. author

    Asheer MccutchenHace 16 horas

    Supa hard

  26. author

    Rony MartinezHace 16 horas

    who is that at 2:09?

  27. author

    Bio what?Hace 16 horas

    his soul is blessing 🙏 music is a privilege thanks for the music Lute ✊

  28. author

    Chris BurnettHace 16 horas

    Sooooooooooo that's Kendrick on the hook tho...?

  29. author

    Mily VanderlindeHace 17 horas


  30. author

    Shearod Mack JrHace 17 horas

    1:35 if you pause it JID looks like Darth Maul

  31. author

    EAT A JOKEHace 18 horas

    Anyone know where they shot this video? It's looking real familiar, NY stand up

  32. author

    Erick HardyHace 18 horas

    Whats that last song called by JID someone tell me !!! 😭 28:10 ??????

  33. author

    Global WarningHace 18 horas

    again jid rap like he ordering food on the phone at 1%

  34. author

    project FortniteHace 19 horas

    Excuse me?????, potato over my gun WTFFFF

  35. author

    Kennedy BarberHace 19 horas

    1:00 - 1:05 Fire bro!

  36. author

    Star TsarHace 19 horas

    Cannot wait until I meet my wife

  37. author

    TheLlamaCommanderHace 20 horas

    The video editor is a fucking legend

  38. author

    Mark McGoriskHace 20 horas

    They played this at denzel curry in dublin

  39. author

    Moneyric15Hace 21 un hora


  40. author

    genevieve cowenHace 21 un hora

    Jid passed the vibe check

  41. author

    Jesus VazquezHace 21 un hora

    MEANEST track ever. Da baby destroyed the track

  42. author

    morgan whiteHace 22 horas

    DAMN THIS is best HARD! Go viral today ight,with *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* , you can get MAD hits, likes, views, AND exposure to ANY video! GO VIRAL TODAY IGHT!

  43. author

    DromOctapusHace 23 horas

    Its sounds like kendrick lamar is doin the chorus

  44. author

    Yosaud RichardsonHace un día

    Who watching December 2019

  45. author

    The_Second_Pac 2Hace un día

    I cba anymore, my wifi is down and i just wanna listen to this album

  46. author

    The_Second_Pac 2Hace un día

    The best rapper in the game some how makes a whole group of very talented rappers, J.I.D. Might be on the same level as j cole just saying

  47. author

    The_Second_Pac 2Hace un día

    J.I.D. Can kill any beat, i love Cole but i think we found someone on his level 🤔🤔🤔

  48. author

    The_Second_Pac 2Hace un día

    I didnt like it when i played it but now 🔥🔥

  49. author

    The_Second_Pac 2Hace un día

    So active on the radio, im radioactive n**** 🔥🔥🔥

  50. author

    Billy BanksHace un día

    Song of the year.

  51. author

    The_Second_Pac 2Hace un día

    This kinda sound like darius benson when he raps, just me?

  52. author

    TUROPHILE768Hace un día

    esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-k4LhmGMPYwo.html this guy sounds like JID

  53. author

    Sipho Ike NwahunanyaHace un día

    1993 is a badass cool

  54. author

    MDS TVHace un día

    So no one gonna mention how Kendrick just be in coles hooks and they haven’t dropped and actual song together

  55. author

    Ampeno KingsmanHace un día

    So dammmm Melo. Love this Vibe!

  56. author

    OwwYouHitMe44 5Hace un día

    2:39 is that song released yet?

  57. author

    skandalous girlieHace un día


  58. author

    Lauren AngilauHace un día

    turn up

  59. author

    Fourth MayHace un día

    3 years ago today this fire dropped 🔥 damn time flies

  60. author

    Yung ForeheadHace un día

    Bruh dababy pulled up like a midget compared to j cole in the store

  61. author

    Roronoa ZoroHace un día

    Where’s the guy who does the lyrics?

  62. author

    JackHace un día

    Da baby killed it in this song.

  63. author

    MasterM2kHace un día

    Had to come get some heat it’s cold outside 🔥

  64. author

    Thomas The Dank EngineHace un día

    Why tf nobody talking about Johnny venus’s part

  65. author

    Jordan DunmoreHace un día

    I would love to see cole and boogie do a song together

  66. author

    Lil Uzi VertHace un día

    My dawg cole hitting them high notes bih

  67. author

    Sam ChinHace un día

    Im really not into these rappers but godamn this is a good song and the production *Beautiful*

  68. author

    saints 4 lifeHace un día

    Wait, J.I.D Is a falcons fan? Thats my least fav if so

  69. author

    saints 4 lifeHace un día

    151 RUN! From da ads

  70. author

    BigHero 224Hace un día

    Where does he have his fans?

  71. author

    Kievan BoudreauxHace un día

    check out my album here open.spotify.com/album/4mDUh6BgFG3o1CRSNLwkHR

  72. author

    Kievan BoudreauxHace un día

    I fuck with Dreamville so hard.

  73. author

    HENDRIXHace un día

    Holy shit this was 3 years ago!! Still can’t believe they just went by like nothing...

  74. author

    CodeyHace un día

    Really wish this song was longer and that DA BABY wore Charlotte 10s instead of those 13s

  75. author

    William ThompsonHace un día

    Atlanta - clause coming to feel your stockings ladiesshe will give you 4 gifts something you can never repay , your babies

  76. author

    Aaron HillsHace un día

    3 years

  77. author

    Malina BellHace un día

    3 tears ago this dropped.....man legendary still💯

  78. author

    Ayeee JHace un día

    What material is J. Cole’s hoodie made out of?

  79. author

    Donterria WashingtonHace un día

    J mf Cole the goat this is giving back

  80. author

    Devilsdick SixsixsixHace un día

    Song goes hard on the album

  81. author

    Alecia GreenwoodHace un día

    If you blink you miss Kendrick Lamar 😩

  82. author

    voncroy xxxHace un día

    I woke up for some moneyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. author

    julian UrenaHace un día

    Kendrick in the back round let’s go

  84. author

    Jonathon Da RosaHace un día

    video is so dope

  85. author

    FlickHace un día

    only 7 million views.. i want the WHOLE DAMN WORLD TO LISTEN TO THIS

  86. author

    TheWright FamilyHace un día

    J.I.D would of snapped on this too

  87. author

    Adarsh JHace un día

    Saba with the best verse, you love to see it.

  88. author

    George BeckerHace un día

    Sup with all the seafoam green in this town? Where is this?.. NC somewhere?. looks like a tasty place.

  89. author

    Devin SamuelHace un día

    This made me like DaBaby.

  90. author

    rutherford thebraveHace un día

    Bas went the fuck off

  91. author

    Jeremiah YoungHace un día

    Nothing but love! Keep this up for everyone’s sake!

  92. author

    Trent WilliamHace un día

    Tell 'em, slime Yeah, I am the king of the E.A. Get this bitch screwed like the DJ (Big slime) Yeah, I am the shit where we play We got the chalk where we play (okay) Yeah, come through the city We gon' chop your ass up just like some sushi (yeah) Ak47, stick go stupid (yeah) Draw the money out, all the way Okay, lil' dirty, nappy-headed East Atlanta nigga Father said that I was a force .44, Hank Aaron chrome Wanna make it home, then get out the Porsche Let a nigga cover FADER 'fore I have to fade a nigga at the FADER Fort It's tomato or tomato, either way, the boy the greatest Play it, I won't say it no more I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown Board of Education vs. Brown I was bored of education, left the town Fuck a résumé and fuck a cap and gown Fuck a background check, back 'round when I get the check Nigga, that's now I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown, crown (oh, shit) I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown, crown, crown, crown I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad Picked up the pad, picked up the slack, pick of the litter, don't litter no bag Bassy been pickin' up racks, raps come in clearer than Acuvue 2 When I'm back in the booth Got 'em hackin' a Shaq 'cause they lackin' the juice Niggas droppin' the ball, they on Shaqtin' a Fool Activis drool out the side of yo' face We ain't jackin' it, we ain't dappin' them fools Get a napkin, you dudes is embarassin' Who going crazy like us? No comparison Dreamville like Marion Jones on the steroids Y'all niggas slow as a heroin high Y'all had a year, y'all had a year Y'all had a year, but you let it go by, yee I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown, crown (oh, shit) I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown, crown, crown, crown Dreamville head honcho Bitch, we came from nothin' just like the big bang theory That poverty stains kept the pain buried And covered the shame with a dream We would have fortune and fame A mil' in the bank, chameleon paint turned cranberry Now little Jermaine got the same story As that boy out of St. Vincent-St. Mary, G.O.A.T. All hail King Cole, first of his name, long may he reign The boy got the throne, but you know it ain't a game 'Ville nigga, I was born in the same Pressure cooker that's been known to bust a lump of coal and make a diamond Two six, we enrolled in Reaganomics Crew sick, we the Golden State of rhyming, on God You could die today, so be hell to pay I'm a livin', breathin', schemin' testimony So don't test me, homie, put that D in horny Put a foot up that ass, you a steppin' stone (yeah) All my niggas ain't gettin' no sleep (yeah) All of my niggas be chasin' their dreams (yeah) Ooh, I'm a force of nature, I can't wait to date ya I was havin' problems 'til I had to break through All my tattoos for sure (fuck it up), they ain't never for show (fuck it up) Might get tattoo'd on today (fuck it up), ya ho get the dope (fuck it up) Spend my time makin' love to your thoughts (fuck it up) Gon' get in line, baby, slut up your mind (fuck it up, fuck it up) It's a brand new season, I'm a righteous heathen I take on the challenge and I leave it bleedin' I was down bad, now I'm Even Steven And I'm leavin', leavin' every fuckin' weekend (oh) I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown, crown (oh, shit) I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown, crown, crown, crown Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Jermaine Lamarr Cole / Abbas Hamad / Quantavious T. Thomas / Destin Route / Olu O. Fann / Eian Undrai Parker Down Bad lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group Show less

  93. author



  94. author

    Michael BlandHace 2 días

    I have home videos from my childhood with a bigger budget than this

  95. author

    Jason ArguellesHace 2 días

    Exactly 3 years after it was posted up and this peice is still amazing

  96. author

    Adis HottHace 2 días

    Saba my man always been fire 🔥

  97. author

    CuppateHace 2 días

    It’s December 19 and I still play this tune

  98. author

    The_Second_Pac 2Hace 2 días

    This album is fucking beautiful so far

  99. author

    Kieran VellaHace 2 días

    That JID song at the end got me havin goosebumps

  100. author

    Sirlester the troll slayerHace 2 días

    Yea a nigga back from the dead! I don't know, i don't know, i don't know nigga almost lost his head!🔥