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1917 - Movie Review

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MA - Movie Review

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  1. author

    robot says: bee boo boopHace 53 segundos

    Why did I hate all movies, why are they all crap?

  2. author

    Cody GeewinHace 6 minutos

    The Hot Blonde girl..!! Shows titties !!.!!.. the sex scene with the blonde chick was way hotter than the Jalo scene..!!.!!.. would of been great if the son accidentally saw instead his date getting cuckhold by Ryan Guzman.. . That would of been hot..!!..

  3. author

    Catman DUUHace 12 minutos

    Fun Fact: At 1:16 in the trailer there is a Humvee on screen. The Humvee was not used by the Army until 1985. Also, the one shown in the movie wasn't around until much later. They had a thin plastic shell on the back at first.

  4. author

    Jimmy LopezHace 27 minutos

    Almost Cried?? As a family man, I cried numerous times

  5. author

    Rich BHace 36 minutos

    Great review. Dark waters is one of the best movies of 2019. Five stars.

  6. author

    DASKA DiscussesHace 40 minutos

    I liked it, apart from some of the scenes with Di Caprio in the western film parts, I reckon it slowed down the narrative a tad . Love ur work mate 👍🏼

  7. author

    Sandeep MurthyHace 44 minutos

    That's art .. no its a trash can :D

  8. author

    Slashman007Hace 45 minutos

    Its sad to see so many people saying "People only say they like this movie because it makes them seem intelligent/artsy" Is it so mind boggling that I'd rather watch a movie about Jimmy Hoffa, an enigmatic American figure, than a fucking superhero movie, or a redo of a Disney movie? I love movies like John Wick and Deadpool that are fun, and not so serious. But have these people ever read a fucking book like Atlas Shrugged? Do they need car chases or talking animals in every movie? This is like Goodfellas with some history attached. Its sad that "pretentious" means " Hey they did dialogue scenes more than gunfights what a buncha film nerds."

  9. author

    Boywonderr71Hace un hora

    Jeremy "Tell me, now how do I feel."

  10. author

    Rhett CujoHace un hora

    The right thing to do? Hmm try telling that to the GOP.

  11. author

    S1nners R3vengeHace un hora

    Is it me. Or does dude look stoned as shit. Not hating. Just wish I can spark one with ya lol

  12. author

    Jimmy LopezHace un hora

    Breaking Bad didnt reach that status IMO until season 5...good but not great...but now its top 3 ever... 1. Sopranos 2. The Wire 3. Breaking Bad

  13. author

    Jacky ChooHace un hora

    Rey - Grey Jedi

  14. author

    Scott PrazakHace un hora

    Got my copies today...and they’re AWESOME !!!

  15. author

    alex caicedoHace un hora

    Intense. Great movie!

  16. author

    Sounds from Zenn-LaHace un hora

    That 120K banana art is just perfect timing for this trailer

  17. author

    Ashen CloverHace un hora

    Nooo not nightcrawler!!

  18. author

    hcazHace un hora

    Shit look awful

  19. author

    anthony cheesmanHace un hora

    Shocked he didnt cry about it being woke

  20. author

    Alwin BenjaminHace un hora

    True. The song.

  21. author

    clarkenecroHace un hora

    I love this games because you can play them even when you are drunk As Fuck

  22. author

    YoStuHace un hora

    Everything looks good if you put 80s music in it

  23. author

    kc 3182xHace 2 horas


  24. author

    Anthony AtkinsonHace 2 horas

    Great film. Beautiful direction by Flanagan and incredible performances from Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson (and the little girl). Also... this film did a great job of paying tribute to The Shining

  25. author

    Ashen CloverHace 2 horas

    Heroes Reference!.......I'm sorry this was such a sad movie

  26. author

    Anthony AtkinsonHace 2 horas

    Really enjoyed it. I thought the entire cast was fantastic... especially Daniel Craig and Toni Collette. Craig should get a supporting actor nomination by the Oscars

  27. author

    Da Good VybeHace 2 horas

    0:21 Yess I did enjoy the music lol 😆😆😆

  28. author

    HerowebcomicsHace 2 horas

    This movie looks cool! I hope it is!

  29. author

    HerowebcomicsHace 2 horas

    This movie looks cool! I hope it is!

  30. author

    Inactive AccountHace 2 horas

    it’s rough... it’s coarse... and irritating... and it gets everywhere....

  31. author

    Derek GutierrezHace 2 horas

    Cheetah will be in her full cheetah look... yes i agree this trailer was amazing for a teaser

  32. author

    Radkon PsygamiHace 2 horas

    I saw this movie on an airplane and I give the movie the middle finger. Spider man acting like a butler / gay male friend around the Latina Mary Jane was a complete facepalm. The script was obviously done by a beta male / white knight who has no clue about how to court women...nor the kind of women alpha males keep.

  33. author

    Aftershock 1997Hace 2 horas

    Iron Maiden released Powerslave in 1984 😁

  34. author

    Maddy's House of GeekHace 2 horas

    I loved the trailer and can't wait for the movie! Spiderman: I can swing on webs. Wonder Woman: Hold my Tiara

  35. author

    michael wrightHace 2 horas

    Either you're high AF or sleepy AF

  36. author

    Hunter WilbanksHace 2 horas

    “Why haven’t I heard more about this?” Because corporate media is even more corrupt

  37. author

    vasherHace 2 horas

    Where is that Ghostbusters Afterlife review

  38. author

    Mark Anthony LeoHace 2 horas

    I finally watched the sequel to "The Shinning" Doctor Sleep was definitely an awesome movie & worthy sequel.

  39. author

    Kanra-tanHace 2 horas

    Dang, totally can’t agree, I thought this movie was so good, like 9/10

  40. author

    Kroue DraekenHace 3 horas

    I have a very strange head cannon about what happened. I've seen somewhere how joker isn't actually insane but super sane. LIke he has the ability to see through the 4th wall. If that's the case every single one of joker's involuntary laughs could be his super sanity acting up like those are spots where the actual joker would laugh and not Arthur fleck. And by my count, I've only seen him genuinely chuckling at that charlie Chaplin movie and its not the joker laugh but a normal chuckle. The joker inside him was laughing at what he saw, the movie, and would laugh at the points where joker would actually laugh. For instance, making a kid a smile and have the mom yell at him for doing it. The joker would find that pathetic. Or at his stand up act where he imagines Zazie Beetz and probably imagined the audience's laughter too. And the reason I felt so strongly about this mad conspiracy was at the end of the movie when he was at the psychiatrist in Arkham and the background song started playing and he started to sing along with it. I know its a weak theory but I like how it makes the movie more bizarre !!

  41. author

    Anthimos PolitisHace 3 horas

    Looking forward to it with great anticipation 😀😊

  42. author

    Hyppolyta WarriorHace 3 horas

    The rock that maxwell lord has is probably the “shard of chaos”

  43. author

    AY BlackieHace 3 horas

    Absolutely Loved the movie. It is suspenseful and thrilling from start to finish. Definitely one of the best movie in recent years.

  44. author

    Robert SimpsonHace 3 horas

    This fucker talks to damn much and needs to shut the fuck up.

  45. author

    DemonRazor88Hace 3 horas

    I want to see hawk girl.

  46. author

    Phillip CarrollHace 3 horas

    I def felt the same way as you in the scene with the horses 😂

  47. author

    B CHace 3 horas

    "Teaser" trailer? That was long enough. I dont want a longer trailer later showing the whole movie. I hate that current trend

  48. author

    solitude's silent grooveHace 3 horas

    Y'all are dumb af. This show sucks.

  49. author

    Colin KerrHace 3 horas

    this is the product of a generation who thinks calling terrorists "cowards" and "j-v league" is tantamount to standing up to them and undermining them. Rian Johnson can't conceive that there are people in the world who cannot be stopped by tongue-lashings, like calling them man-babies. He believes that true evil is just angry whiteness that can be shamed at a Starbucks.

  50. author

    Camilo AriasHace 3 horas

    Make a review for Honey Boy

  51. author

    Ben QuinneyHace 3 horas


  52. author

    Saad QureshiHace 3 horas

    What is the song in the trailer!

  53. author

    BangalyHace 3 horas

    Moral of the story snitching got them killed

  54. author

    lance batesHace 3 horas

    That thumbnail smile looks like Fuller from home alone when Kevin knows he’s gonna get pissed on. Maybe it’s just the holiday movie marathons.

  55. author

    Jervynne LeighHace 4 horas

    Pave the way, Golden Globes nominations for Best Director and Best Actor.

  56. author

    Ashen CloverHace 4 horas

    I loved the movie but the plot is nearly the same as rise of the guardians

  57. author

    blockbuster1982Hace 4 horas

    I think this is woke, make R girls let wonder woman take a beating then come back and get the heterosexual white man, come on!

  58. author

    spikepryorHace 4 horas

    2:20 😂😂😂

  59. author

    rafael rjHace 4 horas

    Oberyn Martell has come a long way

  60. author

    Novem the Reasonable GamerHace 4 horas

    God I wish this movie didn't have to be attached to such a trash cinematic universe.

  61. author

    Michael BeersHace 4 horas

    This movie is like a bland chicken on a beautiful plate. The plate shouldn’t be better then the meal.

  62. author

    Dat_Weird_dudeHace 4 horas

    *So 90s* ..

  63. author

    Daniel OchoaHace 4 horas

    I feel like since this is a series if you’re tuning in week after week you should expect spoilers.. this isn’t a movie or a full season review. They’re episode reviews. If you care that bad about hearing a review every episode then just watch the show...

  64. author

    Rafael saysHace 4 horas

    Yo Jeremy, ya gotta watch Marriage Story on Netflix.

  65. author

    The MemeslingerHace 4 horas

    For some reason This movie felt like I was being shown a horrifying reflection of what my life would be like had I not grown out of the darker phase of my life And what if everything in my life had gone wrong Other than that THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING

  66. author

    thebagelbombHace 4 horas

    Am I the only one that thinks Steve coming back is a huge spoiler for a trailer?

  67. author

    Kane -Not-KosugiHace 4 horas

    bro do Mando ep. 5

  68. author

    Tim NewtonHace 4 horas

    I used to put on my cape at the same time as these videos. Missing the good old days.

  69. author

    Raven House MysteryHace 4 horas

    So we are going to ignore that the villain looks like Donald Trump? Okay.

  70. author

    stuff4everHace 4 horas

    The summarize of the October vlog: Joker is alright, I guess.

  71. author

    soapfanaddictHace 4 horas

    Sorry, but I don't buy anyone's argument about the movie casting issue. Did you now that Eazy E's son tried out for the part of Eazy E's son in the film "Straight out of Compton"? He didn't get the role because he couldn't act. Ice Cube's real life son played him, and was a great fit for the film in terms of appearance and acting. Most jobs are given to people who someone likes more often than their ability to do the job. Retail, corporate, and the government all do that. When Lou Diamond Phillips took roles as ethic groups he was not, nobody cried this hard. If you ran a business would you hire someone based on their race or their ability to get it done? I personally know Latin restaurants who employ more Afro-Caribbean female servers than Latina female servers. Not one actor has gone to the EEOC to complain or sue about actors who were not of the ethnicity portrayed in films getting the roles. Read about whitewashing. Here is an example of an Asian who was ok with the roles in "21" going to non Asian actors over Asian ones. The film about card counting features actors Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Jacob Pitts and Kevin Spacey in the lead roles. The film is based on the true story where a group of Asian American students and their teacher applied card counting to win significantly in gambling.[3][15][16][17][18] Jeff Ma, who was among the students, said that the controversy was "overblown" and that the important aspect is that a talented actor would portray him.[19] Ma, who is Chinese American, told USA Today, "I would have been a lot more insulted if they had chosen someone who was Japanese or Korean, just to have an Asian playing me."[20]

  72. author

    K JaimeHace 4 horas

    This one fell flat for me. I don't know if it's because the Black Widow trailer dropped first and I was on board (though it disappointed me, too), or if my expectations for this were higher because Wonder Woman was the best DCEU film until they decided to start being good and imitating some of what makes the MCU work, with Shazam and Aquaman. But yeah, I found it a little lame, a bit worrisome it might be too imitative, and having grown up in the 80s I'd rather forget about all of it so Stranger Things: Mall 2.0 here isn't doing it for me. (Except for the song, since I was a Joy Division and New Order fan; and also that up-to-there slit on Diana/Gal's dress, since I was a Cindy Crawford et al/Versace fan...)

  73. author

    Auxillian WarghostHace 4 horas

    And let's not forget that the First Order is always getting punked on, and prank called. And the new evil badboy has gotten his ass beat up by a girl who has had no Jedi training.

  74. author

    pan bananHace 4 horas

    Now I want a Hawkgirl cameo

  75. author

    KendraHace 4 horas

    Very excited! I'm glad they didn't screw around and just straight up said "Yeah, Steve Trevor is back" like we knew....but it was still good to get it out of the way

  76. author

    High ClydeHace 5 horas

    Yo where is my Mandalorian Ep 5 review it was too badass for you to put it off bro

  77. author

    Isaias HastenreiterHace 5 horas

    Jefferey Epstein didn’t kill himself

  78. author

    joblo1978Hace 5 horas

    That banana was good!

  79. author

    Vern FieldsHace 5 horas

    Cliche villain: butt hurt geek turned pissed at society baddie.

  80. author

    CuRtIs TiSbeRgErHace 5 horas

    Screw that Israeli Jew twat

  81. author

    IamP1EHace 5 horas

    Amazon just released The Report with Adam Driver playing the guy who exposed the USA's torture program's ineffectiveness and how it didn't lead to bin Laden's capture like Zero Dark Thirty wants us to believe. Kill the Messenger was very good too.

  82. author

    Ziip47Hace 5 horas

    I just watched this and it is hands down the best movie I have seen all year. Edge of your seat and fantastic. I would recommend this to everyone!

  83. author

    Intelligence CycleHace 5 horas

    I Usually don't come for teaser trailers this looks BADASS & Intriguing. From Blue Monday song by New order; an owe to the comics with the kingdom come outfit. Pedro Pascal handling a rock everything is Solid.

  84. author

    malcolm adderleyHace 5 horas


  85. author

    Sudhir KakarHace 5 horas

    film looks thing about it is the new order tune

  86. author

    War624Hace 5 horas

    Saw Alex Ross posted a photo earlier on Facebook. It was his Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman art from Kingdom Come. Under that, was the CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths version of Kingdom Come Superman (Brandon Routh) and Batman (Kevin Conroy in the exoskeleton), and then the Kingdom Come Wonder Woman armor from this movie. It's nice to see one of the best artists in the business getting more of his work into cinema. I think that last time his work was used in movies, was the intro's for the Raimi Spider-Man films. Though Peter's new suit in Far From Home was reminiscent of Alex Ross's Spider-Man design.

  87. author

    Dominique BallouHace 5 horas

    Is it me or does her face lack emotion every close up scene 😂😂😂

  88. author

    Neil PassarellHace 5 horas

    Its decided Maury povich must be brought to declare who is or is not the father

  89. author

    Ogrocker71Hace 5 horas

    You know what we want brother talk about Ghostbusters!!!! Thanks!!💩💩

  90. author

    NasmanHace 5 horas

    WTF why are you being lazy and haven’t made a thoughts video on the new Ghostbusters trailer? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  91. author

    livelyohHace 5 horas

    A little skeptical of Kristen playing Cheetah, but Ima try and keep an open mind!

  92. author

    Lego YodaHace 6 horas

    When does the Mandalorian episode 5 review come out?

  93. author

    charliemedsHace 6 horas

    i loved this movie. It's a great watch and Ana D Armas' performance was amazing

  94. author

    Hillary EtafoHace 6 horas

    Watch the watchmen

  95. author

    Hillary EtafoHace 6 horas

    Do a series review of the watchmen

  96. author

    Hillary EtafoHace 6 horas

    Do a series review of the watchmen

  97. author

    Cisco CabsHace 6 horas

    30 years alone in space and has no shortage of food and water

  98. author

    Alucard J.B M.PHace 6 horas

    Maxwell Lord feels a lot like Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor in this.

  99. author

    klouchyHace 6 horas

    I think the problem with the movie is it felt rushed,I still didn't u know get the full story of pennywise like if they did an origins movie for pennywise which I think he deserves and then made It chapter 2,then the movie wouldn't feel like such a mess.

  100. author

    Mario GutierrezHace 6 horas