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    Chad WacasterHace 15 horas

    Thank you for working so hard for us KARD! We appreciate you guys so much! This comeback is the best so far!

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    Prabhpreet KaurHace 15 horas


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    Hajer OkokHace 15 horas

    Am not ready for a heart attack, Joseph!🙂

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    Diana SanHace 15 horas

    LLAMAME PAPI Esos pequeños textos en español me hace amarlos más 😌❤️

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    Kiran VishwakarmaHace 15 horas

    Current favourite song

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    Nafe_skz_stayHace 15 horas

    la verdad es que me encanta este grupo, porque siempre incluye español en sus canciones, you are amazing

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    woody XCHace 15 horas


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    Jessica MendezHace 15 horas

    Me encantaaaa b.m dijo una partesita en español omg jajaja ❤

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    Valen EstrellaHace 15 horas

    Por un 2020 donde "Kard" Tenga más reconocimientoooo.Son arte. 💕

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    Maryah Hillesheim da SilvaHace 15 horas

    Jiwoo’s hair it’s just perfect💜❤️😍

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    darktownnnHace 15 horas


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    darktownnnHace 15 horas


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    darktownnnHace 15 horas


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    darktownnnHace 15 horas


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    darktownnnHace 15 horas


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    darktownnnHace 15 horas


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    darktownnnHace 15 horas


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    darktownnnHace 15 horas


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    bebek yodaHace 15 horas

    *this is the sexiest thing ever*

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    Latefa GHace 15 horas

    اقوى عوده شفتها💔

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    -DongHae-Hace 15 horas

    Jiwoo: I am so addicted and la la I'm being pulled into you. Me: *Same here*

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    Jikvhope !Hace 15 horas

    Let's go hiddens!!!!! First win!!! 🌔💙

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    Girl of DestinyHace 15 horas

    The only Kpop group with proper line distribution yet underrated

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    PriyankaHace 15 horas

    _The world is not ready for KARD, They're gonna regret later_

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    PriyankaHace 15 horas

    *Why the heck is KARD even underrated!!?* 🤪

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    EzRaHace 15 horas

    I didn't know Thor would be in this MV! 2:39

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    Jikvhope !Hace 15 horas


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    임세은Hace 16 horas

    4:03 예쁜 제이셉ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    Bryan CarlosamaHace 16 horas

    Vamos no se queden atrás. Quiero esos 50 millones de views

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    P.NayakHace 16 horas

    Somin was so giggly and happy in this I'm just 😭😭

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    Mia Juana DulceHace 16 horas

    Uno de los chicos golpeo a jiguo

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    Nissa jeonHace 16 horas

    We need subility

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    임세은Hace 16 horas

    아 겁나 웃곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    Xυân dιệppHace 16 horas

    Có ai Việt Nam ở đây không hay chỉ có mỗi tôi...🇻🇳👀

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    Pão de queijoHace 16 horas

    Simplesmente perfeitos ❤️❤️🇧🇷

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    Cassidy BikomoHace 16 horas


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    ven xHace 16 horas

    Dsp:What colors would you like to use for the concept? KARD:YES

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    ven xHace 16 horas

    Dsp:What colors would you like to use for the concept? KARD:YES

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    Kpop DirectionsHace 16 horas

    Still remains iconic

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    ven xHace 16 horas

    Jseph:Senorita, are you ready? Me:I'M NOT READY FOR DEAD

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    H worldHace 16 horas

    7m just ? What

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    loyAlzHace 16 horas

    found this song by 1theK ad while playing some songs in youtube. great. just wanted them in cute way, anyone have guidelines?

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    David BorgesHace 16 horas

    Red Moon 🌕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌕

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    Chaton LumiereHace 16 horas

    쥬 발가락ㅜㅜㅜ 아팠을텐데 참고 했다는거 너무 맴찟이다.. 카드 뮤비 볼때마다 진짜 멋있는데 그걸 위해서 진짜 많은 사람들이 노력했다는게 보인다..

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    Tamires MeloHace 16 horas

    Passando pra dizer o quanto eu adorei essa música no mini álbum!❤️

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    Sia K. R.Hace 16 horas

    Can Korea sleep on pillows and not on Kard please?

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    pion 1998Hace 16 horas

    KARD never dissapointed me💜

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    D CHace 17 horas

    Omg Queens and kings Oh god 😶

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    SunshineHace 17 horas

    5M ! Let’s do it

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    03 1Hace 17 horas

    진자 불편한 옷입고..고생했겠다

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    jae b hwangHace 17 horas

    bm wowoowiwowow he look so cutefor me❤❤❤❤

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    Ari NuriHace 17 horas

    왜 이곡을 이제서야 들은거지??

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    MaiThu NguyenHace 17 horas

    OMG😍😍😍 Somin you steal my heart❤❤❤

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    بيـكهـوو 𖤍.Hace 17 horas

    *بي ام وجيسف شوضعكم بس كيف مستحملين جمال جيوو والله لو انا مكانكم كنت اغتصباتها من زمانن* 🌚✋

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    Rebeca VargasHace 17 horas

    Latinos how we feeling? Porque yo estoy loca por este comeback

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    بيـكهـوو 𖤍.Hace 17 horas

    *شيبر بيجيو يدعس عليكم دعس* 😭😭😭💗

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    محمد صباحHace 17 horas

    BM: breathing Me :AAAAAAAAA and J.saph:breathing Me:AAAAAA

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    بيـكهـوو 𖤍.Hace 17 horas

    0:16 *جيوو وربيي راح اصير شاذه بسببك* 😭😭😭💔

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    بيـكهـوو 𖤍.Hace 17 horas

    ناشبهههه 😭😭😭😭💔

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    Lillian CasillasHace 17 horas

    I’m glad that even though they haven’t gotten their first win, they still continue to make music😥

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    Becky m. moralesHace 17 horas


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    Journal Creative WorldHace 17 horas

    let's go hiddenkard! we must party str3am this MV!!!! and made target daily viewer :) fighting

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    D.O EXO.LHace 18 horas

    I loooove jiwoo

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    StephHace 18 horas

    hey dsp, have more faith in your idols. This lighting is awful. I want to see them, not have to constantly blink. (ps it would be cool if they were able to have some solo side projects kind of like what loona did)

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    Софья ОоHace 18 horas


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    Adel YunHace 18 horas

    не, чет не зашло. Прошлые песни были лучше

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    changlix 4everHace 18 horas


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    Dilan GndzHace 18 horas

    Yesterday and today views are exactly same. How?

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    C MHace 18 horas

    They need a bigger practice room but loved the dance practice ❤️❤️

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    Savita PalshetkarHace 18 horas

    I like them soo muchhhhhh

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    miss arinaHace 18 horas

    this song the best .. im really like it ..

  72. author

    miss arinaHace 18 horas

    this song the best .. im really like it ..

  73. author

    miss arinaHace 18 horas

    this song the best .. im really like it ..

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    추선주Hace 18 horas

    한국인 찾아요ㅠㅠ

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    RED PUNCHHace 18 horas

    Madre de Dios me da dar Señorita Y Llámame papi Uff Kard La esta Dando Toda❤️😍🔥

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    히이Hace 19 horas

    미쳐따..너무 좋아ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    구피맘Hace 19 horas


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    Michael WillianHace 19 horas


  79. author

    Michael WillianHace 19 horas

    Tá tudo perfect 😍

  80. author

    Michael WillianHace 19 horas

    Tô viciadooo

  81. author

    Michael WillianHace 19 horas

    Todo dia escuto

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    sisi guerraHace 19 horas


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    SS 14Hace 19 horas

    *Did you realise Somin and jiwoo has totally different concept* Jiwoo was a knight while Somin was a princess When Somin was with petals and flowers jiwoo was in bed 😐 ahem... In red*

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    I don't know how to express my potatoHace 19 horas

    b.m looking finnnnneeeeee as hell oof

  85. author

    Patience RachelHace 19 horas

    I hate how kpop takes from other cultures while being incredibly racist and colourist. But this song slaps 😪

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    Rui AngelesHace 19 horas

    BM is 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    nancy reyesHace 19 horas

    Fantásticos😍😍😍 no había puesto atención antes a kpopers. Me tienen fascinada. Felicitaciones muchachos 💖💖💖

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    SoDhaHace 19 horas

    Mv นี้เรียก BM ว่า คุณแม่ เลยจร้า

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    big vroccoliHace 19 horas


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    Rui AngelesHace 19 horas

    BM i love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

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    Илья ПтичкинHace 20 horas

    I am always mesmorised by Jiwoos charisma

  92. author

    its tultulHace 20 horas

    They are just out of the box....they don't give a damn about the fucking rules....they are different...and I love them

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    Минэко ТянHace 20 horas

    Просто Вау💥🔥🖤💛

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    Anna FeijoHace 20 horas

    Ola linda a música de voce e bonita voce e lindos

  95. author

    Lilium_bearrrHace 20 horas

    BM: LLaMAmE PaPI Me: *muere*

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    musicHace 20 horas

    Loves from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 🇦🇿 🇦🇿 🇦🇿 🇦🇿 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Trivia: LoveHace 20 horas

    Obsessed with this mv

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    I'm ARMY BLINK ONCEHace 20 horas

    Literally very comeback is *JIWOO'S COMEBACK*

  99. author

    JC KHace 20 horas

    I Have the same feels for Kard like I did when I first listened to 2NE1

  100. author

    I'm ARMY BLINK ONCEHace 20 horas

    Literally very comeback is *JIWOO'S COMEBACK*