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  1. author

    Thee Dani OtakuHace 30 minutos

    oh my God , the situational irony 🤯

  2. author

    Kobi ThomasHace 31 un minuto

    In New Zealand in the middle of winter every year worms rain down.

  3. author

    Zeek XekriHace 36 minutos

    This theory does make sense, but after seeing Donkey's episodes in the old 2004-2005 animation of "Father of the Pride" I'm not sure what to think, though to be fair since the series was Canceled I'm not sure if i can call it cannon.

  4. author

    bryan hallHace 40 minutos

    He could had cleared Mortys memory, we do know he can do that without Morty knowing. With that said, I still believe Evil Morty is Rick's original.

  5. author

    GoodGameGamerHace 40 minutos

    smh just use killaura. boom ez win

  6. author

    Я могу говорит по-русскм 17063Hace 43 minutos

    No duh we already saw the musical 🙄

  7. author

    caty's channelHace 44 minutos

    HEY, person scrolling through the comments!!.👋 I hope you have a wonderful day!!🤩 May God bless you every single day!!!👏🙏 Please support my little girl channel😍😍

  8. author

    Bottle CapHace 47 minutos

    *Now you have officially... taken it too far*

  9. author

    PartyGawdHace 47 minutos

    I can't wait to see the next theory on this new joker movie

  10. author

    Frankie HeHace 48 minutos

    I’m watching this at night and the dark now I can’t sleep help me 😭

  11. author

    ??????Hace 49 minutos

    nice theory... it does sound plausible for me, BUT I got an pther one for you: Is it possible that the donkey is actually from Shrek's universe? Correct me if I'm mistaken, but if I remember correctly Shrek is based of a children books with the same name. And in that book (wich has no "crossovers" with other fairytales) he meets a talking donkey, that guids him to the princesses castle. So maybe that is his origin?

  12. author

    Ana AndreasiHace 52 minutos

    So glad to see Schaffrilas getting the recognition he deserves

  13. author

    SenZhuHace 53 minutos

    is that merchant cabbage man from atla

  14. author

    magister343Hace 54 minutos

    If Voldemort was smart, like in the Methods of Rationality, he would have made Voyager a horcrux so someone would have to leave the solar system to find it and kill him.

  15. author

    James RippleHace 54 minutos

    Ur looking too deep in to it brah gotta chill

  16. author

    This ManHace 56 minutos

    MatPat God confirmed

  17. author

    Vanoss GangHace 57 minutos

    I'm confused about one thing; wouldn't her kids be half tethered then? So why would they need tethered counterparts?

  18. author

    magister343Hace 58 minutos

    Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is much better than J.K.Rowling's novels.

  19. author

    lnechville14Hace un hora

    I dont feel it deserves a second and you yourself didn't have the basic charisma I feel in other videos scary or not I just dont know that it would make for a good video I love scary theories but not this one

  20. author

    Move AdvisorHace un hora

    I saw the movie and your wrong on all accounts! The movie is so deeper then what you think it will be. Easily the best movie I’ve ever seen.

  21. author

    Captain KinchenHace un hora

    I completely forgot! He’s DadPat now!

  22. author

    J,M HuhHace un hora

    Coulda Swore Watching This When I Was Younger There Was A Line In One Of The Movies Donkey Said A Witch Turned Him

  23. author

    Jeana VerkempinckHace un hora

    I thought donkey coming from Pinocchio was common knowledge. Though I suspect with Shreck all the timelines were changed due to well... Farkwad arresting everyone, and everything else. Which begs the next question, will Pinocchio ever become a real boy now?

  24. author

    Daniel DombrovskyHace un hora

    If Thanos has the power of the universe, why didn't he just double the universe's resources?

  25. author

    Maturtle GamingHace un hora

    When your eating spaghetti for dinner and hear the third theory

  26. author

    danny donaldsonHace un hora

    You need to figure out how they can use fire and cook and watch tv under water

  27. author

    Chloe McDougalHace un hora

    MATPAT i just watched you in a episode of “try not to” and your Cringe was the most relatable thing on the planet. I made the EXACT same face.

  28. author

    Space MarineHace un hora

    I don't know why people get mad about watching dubbed or subbed? Like I'm not trying to read a whole essay while watching a show, I don't want to focus on a textbox instead of the main story and ruin the whole show for myself. If you watch sub thats fine but stop trying to attack others because their not a total fucking weeb like jesus christ.

  29. author

    Twenty one Chemical Crybabies at the DiscoHace un hora

    Ok not going to lie the donkey scenes were so sad and scary. I had so many nightmares and cried several times just while watching that part.

  30. author

    Cosmic CarmaHace un hora

    Literally the first thing I thought of when I saw the title was “He was a bad kid and got turned into a donkey”

  31. author

    tico360Hace un hora

    Sonic has access to the speed force that’s why he can produce lightning

  32. author

    Cristina StingaciuHace un hora

    With desendants 3 launched you coud even put mal in the theory

  33. author

    Dragon King22Hace un hora

    Ode to the good old days.

  34. author

    Hanged PinderHace un hora

    Started from the bottom now we here

  35. author

    Logan MillerHace un hora

    Yes yes it can bugs are pure protein lions feed off meat which is protein so bugs in high enough proportions could feed a lion

  36. author

    gruff monsterHace un hora

    why is austin here10:38

  37. author

    PeekofwarHace un hora


  38. author

    Onyx AngelHace un hora

    Eleven was the typical age for marriage and still is in some parts of the world. Also 30-40 was the life expectancy at that time. The true betrayal is that the original story was written to convince young girls to marry abusive men and stay with them so, that their extended families could enjoy the beastly man's wealth.

  39. author

    moto motoHace un hora

    Easy, there is a real city in Oregon called Springfield, this was in my recommend so I guess I'll eat this

  40. author

    Kaylee DaggsHace un hora

    When you live in Oregon...

  41. author

    Chicken Dinner GamerHace un hora

    So basically Bakugou can't have sex without the fear of the room exploding.

  42. author

    Tariq QureshiHace un hora

    You forgot Spider-Man: Homeless

  43. author

    •Demonic Edits•Hace un hora

    Frozen 2 huh? Well it only was announced that it was coming out 4 years later

  44. author

    James HollisterHace un hora

    I enjoyed the ending it was either die or get caught.....👀😦

  45. author

    L337M4573RKHace un hora

    MatPat, you missed the mark on this one! The Eagles' size, ability to fly, sheer power, etc., are easy enough to explain, but you are forgetting one very IMPORTANT detail...Mt. Doom is an active VOLCANO! Getting anywhere close to the enormous ash cloud would be a death sentence as volcanic ash, sulfur, sulfuric acid, super heated particulates, and (of course) extreme heat would kill any lower being the moment they took a breath! Volcanic ash clouds have been known to shoot up thousands of feet into the air, and we can see from the movies that Mordor is almost completely covered in this volcanic ash cloud 24/7. The highest we've seen the Eagles fly in the movies is only about 1-2K feet in the air (note how they barely make it over the mountains in the Hobbit movies). Even at the end of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, when Gandalf and the Eagles rescue Frodo and Sam, we see an enormous hole in the volcanic ash cloud through which Gandalf and the Eagles fly in. If that hole wasn't there, they probably wouldn't have been able to save Frodo and Sam without exposing them to the deadly volcanic ash cloud!

  46. author

    Jamie BHace un hora

    2 things that proves the ingredients exist: 1: On the movie Plankton starts making the Krabby Patties if there wasn't a recipe he would of been like what?!?!?! But instead he just makes the patties. 2: Most importantly..on an Episode Squidward guesses Mr Krabs has the secret formula at home under his mattress then Mr Krab panics and runs home....:p on that same episode he says when Plankton steals the recipe hahaha he thought it was the real formula due to the fact Plankton thought he was the secret ingredient lol.

  47. author

    JAIEURO LARAHace un hora


  48. author

    Plague DoctorHace un hora

    The whole time i was waiting for *do it* *do it* *do it*

  49. author

    100 subscribe challengeHace un hora

    You forgot about something How much people actually pay or even need those donkeys to have those proftis

  50. author

    Elijah KimHace un hora

    Thor literally beats Hulk in ragnorok. He just got electrocuted so he wouldn’t make hulk look bad and the guy that set up the whole match

  51. author

    danny donaldsonHace un hora

    I have seen a dog have sex with a cat does that count

  52. author

    angus charlesHace un hora

    hey mat u should do, who is the scranton strangler from the office.

  53. author

    Sailor SkyyHace un hora

    While I appreciate this theory there is another fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers that depicts a talking donkey that is part of a musician group, "Town Musicians of Bremen" I remember reading it as a kid and I'm surprised it didn't show up in your research

  54. author

    jack whiteHace un hora

    don't put 5 in the thumb nail if your gonna leave the fith one up in the air

  55. author

    reyes robledoHace un hora

    hold the damn phone WHY is Christianity in this vid that religion is evil so are its ppl

  56. author

    El' sHace un hora

    36# Edit: Is MatPat gonna raid area 51

  57. author

    Logan MillerHace un hora

    Remember Wonka has hundreds of workers they saw what happened they were fixing all the crap in the background and he's hosting children the orange midgets had to be fun

  58. author

    ﴾Λ͟rtificial﴿Hace un hora

    Pretty sure you just copied another video bro

  59. author

    11010011100001101Hace un hora

    Ok but what are the shadow demons on Pleasure Island?

  60. author

    TonyHace un hora

    Most weekend visitation starts on Fridays after school is over.

  61. author

    AndrewTRAHace un hora

    0:04 its one day left till the raid and i come across this

  62. author

    spozie !Hace un hora

    I've never left a comment on your videos but I feel I need to this time, need part too asap and huge fan btw

  63. author

    WeChangedOurName263Hace un hora

    okay but donkey not talking in line when the old lady says he can, but refuses then finally admits he can when he starts flying - so maybe that’s how he escaped the island? he pretended he couldn’t so he could leave and then had to keep it up, but maybe slipped up a couple times in from of the woman, and he ends up in line and stuff??

  64. author

    Ms.L.C CHace un hora

    Consider: He was a part of the crew, and became a test subject before being sold into silence

  65. author

    Kasey CombsHace un hora

    15:00 it’s midnight, MatPat. You didn’t have to make me through my phone

  66. author

    Logan MillerHace un hora

    Hans has one intention to rule Arendel not kill his own men or his "subjects"

  67. author

    Yamanaga2009Hace un hora

    Plot twist, The donkey was a horse and is still a human

  68. author

    Momo MagliozziHace 2 horas

    the strongest form in dragon ball was when zamasu went rainbow ui

  69. author

    Momo MagliozziHace 2 horas

    saggys power lvl is ∞

  70. author

    StargazerHace 2 horas

    Hey mat pat I recently learned about the Romans and how having a n emipre instead of a democracy brought great peace to the Roman empire. My question is would the galaxy in Starwars be more peaceful if there was no republic?

  71. author

    Logan MillerHace 2 horas

    He's not out to kill anyone only elsa

  72. author

    Yamanaga2009Hace 2 horas

    Plot twist, It was the Avengers Multi-verse

  73. author

    Queen BHace 2 horas

    Oh god

  74. author

    Waluigi Is the bestHace 2 horas

    Gamers rise up

  75. author

    CjHace 2 horas

    Yes I am the god that planted you

  76. author

    Yamanaga2009Hace 2 horas

    To shake his hand, use your legs.

  77. author

    Logan MillerHace 2 horas

    Hans dosen't want any harm to come to his men and is waiting to kill elsa

  78. author

    PeekofwarHace 2 horas

    If the son hates, or is afraid of horses, how does he react to MLP? ....... generation 3?

  79. author

    Jake DragonfireHace 2 horas

    Perhaps donkey is scared to talk about paradise island for fear of what the criminals might do if they find out

  80. author

    angus charlesHace 2 horas

    when i was around 12-13 i really got into jake pauls video. due to me starting middle school my parents had bought me an ipad to uses for school. i had really no awarness of what youtube was or the internet for that matter. as most kids do u start to become more inderpendant when choosing what you intrests and dislikes are around this age. i was never allowed to watch youtube as my parents were afraid for the resons in the video. i fell down the dark hole of jakes videos and got obsessed with them. it wasnt untill around 15 i realized what he is trying to force onto young people

  81. author

    G-Cubed Gaming.Hace 2 horas

    I just have a 110 of summer break

  82. author

    Kingsley NdamHace 2 horas

    I thought it was obvious that Donkey was from Pinocchio right from the first movie. Plenty of clear references to that. Its funny how 20 yrs later it dawns on Film Theories. Lol 🤷

  83. author

    CortexdaggerHace 2 horas

    Wait, i thought this was already the theory that had been stated. when I watched the other Pinocchio video I guess i put these together without realizing it.

  84. author

    UnityzHace 2 horas

    Thank you so much for shouting out schafrillas!

  85. author

    GamingWithRoboHace 2 horas

    It has to be method 3 because he says he has “multi trillion” and 3 cubic acres can’t be possible

  86. author

    iRespectDaPouch •Hace 2 horas

    Hey, would you mind doing Blame the Hero? It’s a short ESreporter series that needs explaining to me. Maybe make a timeline? Thanks Matt.

  87. author

    RageFireHace 2 horas

    does the movie got that pencil magic trick though?

  88. author

    Emperor OrthopoxHace 2 horas

    He was called Arthur White in some of the earlier comics

  89. author

    MeLikePoopiesHace 2 horas


  90. author

    Daytona FancyswordHace 2 horas

    Lol I though he was just for the "I've got to save my ass" joke

  91. author

    welpHace 2 horas

    but there’s actually more than 4😂

  92. author

    Keaton ElliottHace 2 horas

    Technically Ariel and Hercules would be 2nd cousins Hercules and triton would be cousuns

  93. author

    Babylonian DebonairHace 2 horas

    You should make a film theory on where fez is from, from that 70's show..

  94. author

    alonememe101Hace 2 horas

    springfield is in Illinois isn't it?

  95. author

    Zach WHace 2 horas

    Wow... this is just sickening. I knew the dialogue was a crime against Man and God, but I had no idea how f-ed up the rest of the story was - what really gets me though is how a lot of people misinterpret this as healthy/playful 😬🤮

  96. author

    GiantsJackHace 2 horas

    great vid, hope u were right

  97. author

    Logan MillerHace 2 horas

    And no not plants lab grown meat it works look it up it's crazy

  98. author

    Joshua HisolerHace 2 horas

    Wow, I've forgotten how depressing Pinocchio is

  99. author

    wolfdragonhybridHace 2 horas

    Ok before i even watch this video i thought we all knew donkey was a kid from Pinocchio who got turned into a donkey

  100. author

    Logan MillerHace 2 horas

    They grew food on the axium