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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. author

    HeroannHace 44 minutos

    Awesome Animation <3

  2. author

    Arkan SkyHace 44 minutos

    There's Tyler in the video and some might still say that Riot don't listen to us

  3. author

    NeonHace 44 minutos

    Такой сериал я посмотрю

  4. author

    prithiraj RabhaHace 44 minutos

    I am legend but I died in so many matches this song is fake

  5. author

    Bratwurst GourmetHace 46 minutos

    just have to say that all trailers of league are dope af!

  6. author

    Sergen MertHace 46 minutos

    D U Y GU L A N D I M

  7. author

    The Guy Who CaresHace 46 minutos

    Me: imma quit gaming, move on with my life and get a girlfriend. Time to leave gaming in the past and step up in life *This video comes out* Me: Forget what I said, everything else can wait

  8. author

    HeroHace 47 minutos

    Every legend has a begining ... Star Wars fans ?

  9. author

    dario macana gutierrezHace 50 minutos

    another broken champ

  10. author

    Nguyen HoangHace 50 minutos

    Tuyệt vời

  11. author

    Joel De DiosHace 51 un minuto

    i cnt even draw a circle

  12. author

    JustOneRobotHace 52 minutos

    2 suportes seguidos?

  13. author

    kerem köseHace 52 minutos

    xayah&rakan lucian&senna

  14. author

    aryalvzHace 53 minutos

    Death is like a Wind always by my Side. xd

  15. author

    lauka65Hace 53 minutos

    Is that blood moon jhin painting camille? xD so unexpected

  16. author

    ツRigsHace 53 minutos

    Anyone know the release date?

  17. author

    Der Assi auf YouTubeHace 53 minutos

    biggest joke "we wont put logos or symbols in the gifts" what you get from the 10 year anniversary gifts, logos simbols and wardskins

  18. author

    Sınav ÇocuğuHace 54 minutos

    I think this song not just for players(pro or normal). I think this song for Riot GameS too. Riot GameS wasn't like old times. They was slowly going down(for me and my friends). They are gonna Rise like olds times maybe more then old times. Riot GameS are gonna fly like phoenix...

  19. author

    Azaze1Hace 54 minutos


  20. author

    Carlos GAMER EduardoHace 55 minutos


  21. author

    TukusuneHace 58 minutos

    So shes a supp ?

  22. author

    Vi MainHace 59 minutos

    Это Вай в детстве?

  23. author

    teffyJ moraHace 59 minutos


  24. author

    Paolo VargasHace un hora

    Riot: *goes apeshit on content* Fans: Daddy Chill.

  25. author

    Hasan YıldırımHace un hora

    Dislike atan niye atmış acaba kesin thr.. hayranlaridir.

  26. author

    Sebastian UwUHace un hora

    tbh this theme sounds more like he just infiltrated every noble house in demacia and managed to turn all of the nobles against eachother in an all out secret war while he orchestrated the entire thing behind the scenes like some hyper smart puppet master

  27. author

    gusti24Hace un hora

    my boys instalok at 1:58

  28. author

    HDGAMERZHace un hora

    Just as I thought thresh and lucian were brothers.... I tell you guys league always surprise me

  29. author

    Katta KarooHace un hora


  30. author

    הראל חמיאסHace un hora

    who is here in 2019😔

  31. author

    Cm CmHace un hora

    I'm so confused Is this 2d or 3d? I can't comprehend this amazing animation amd artwork put into these.

  32. author

    Recep KaplanHace un hora

    marvele rakip olur ve

  33. author

    João Fernando TaieteHace un hora

    Achei ruim, a musica e a intimação, rise foi mt melhor

  34. author

    DerCooleRiegelHace un hora

    Look at minute 1:00 there you can see on the right Screen the making of Star Guardien Xayah nice Secret

  35. author

    Hakan ÇolakHace un hora

    Aaaahhh senaa ♥️

  36. author

    Black BiutyHace un hora

    So, Threshs Lantern is the Soul Stone? xD

  37. author

    Ragna BloodedgeHace un hora

    Game at 32:40?????

  38. author

    The FilmHace un hora

    10 năm ♥️

  39. author

    WMB TVHace un hora

    1:58 she thicc

  40. author

    Itz GodMecHace un hora


  41. author

    Arthur StelzerHace un hora

    O ano que comecei a jogar, que saudade dessa época

  42. author

    Nam HàHace un hora


  43. author

    DEADyHace un hora

    I probably don't understand something, but where is the pentakill?

  44. author

    m FlameHace un hora

    Moonton : mr.stark i dont feel so good

  45. author

    Cường Vẽ VờiHace un hora

    Hey ! Chicks. Solo yasuo ?

  46. author

    My AMV ANIMEHace un hora

    LoL mobile 2020 YEAH

  47. author

    Nguyễn TâmHace un hora

    ai việt nam hok ta llike nhẹ cái nè

  48. author

    Mikey_moHace un hora


  49. author

    kill opHace un hora

  50. author

    leerl bruceHace un hora

    Darius lost because he only has 3 empires

  51. author

    wy clawnHace un hora

    me parto la polla

  52. author

    elijah sbsHace un hora

    Happy 10th anniversary!!!! 💕💕💕

  53. author

    Dave Mars skrt xdHace un hora


  54. author

    The Guy Who CaresHace un hora

    The kda segment killed my vibe

  55. author

    Penguin 777Hace un hora

    This video gives me chills-

  56. author

    뀨에엥Hace un hora

    한쿡인 차좌 요오

  57. author

    Yasu WhoaHace un hora

    So Lucian can have his wife back but Jax still doesn't have a REAL weapon?

  58. author

    Malte BorgertHace un hora


  59. author

    nicolaxcsHace un hora

    Who is watching SKT VS CG in this moment!

  60. author

    stelios mpithoulaksHace un hora

    we need the musicc !

  61. author

    Ngéo ĐàoTạoHace un hora


  62. author

    Lé KiLLah $ong$Hace un hora

    It reminded me of dom and María Hahah

  63. author

    Gonzalo EnriqueHace un hora

    1:00 Soundtrack?

  64. author

    Ali Karl SchererHace un hora


  65. author

    Hai TranHace un hora

    Noobs: it's time to let the monster out (pick yasuo) Me:.... 10 minutes later... Noobs:0/10/0

  66. author

    Style StyleHace un hora

    Who after listening this song for 100times in a montage of pubg

  67. author

    Alfred RosaliaHace un hora

    Wow it's coming to mobile smartphone

  68. author

    ayy lamoHace un hora

    Still the best after so long

  69. author

    OakenshieldHace un hora

    My ranking to world songs are 6. Zedd - Ignite 5. Nicki Taylor - World Collide 4. Imagine Dragons - Warriors 3. Against the Current - Legends Never Die 2. Cailin Russo - Phoenix 1. The Glitch Mob - Rise

  70. author

    OB FeuchtgebietHace un hora

    Nice Announcement, nice burn, but why cross-plattform? There are already enough slow loaders at the start....

  71. author

    Amer AlmhtachemHace un hora

    I got goosebumps 30 times when legends never die started playing. infinite memories.

  72. author

    Ali YılmazHace un hora

    Senna Geldi Benimki Gelmedi Aq

  73. author

    阿羽-日常遊戲食物廢片Hace un hora


  74. author

    Nutshell BreadHace un hora

    Who else is waiting for K/da to regroup and make an ALBUM!? We're looking at you Riot. Bring back Seyeon, Miyeon, Jaira, and Madison!

  75. author

    Andres UgaldeHace un hora


  76. author

    thanh phamHace un hora


  77. author

    Kayn The Shadow ReaperHace un hora

    awaken actually should have been the 2019 worlds song

  78. author

    Sarvan jg or feedHace un hora

    Best one ...

  79. author

    Rise_Purple _PumPKinHace un hora

    I KNEW IT........YEEES.......FINALLY

  80. author

    Eduardo FalcónHace un hora


  81. author

    Zak BorchardtHace un hora


  82. author

    Here's a Unexplainable OneHace un hora

    I feel that this is a continuation of the “The Climb” cinematic

  83. author

    Elvis Jagger Abdul JabbarHace un hora

    For Senna!!

  84. author

    phúc nguyễnHace un hora

    Ten years 1 lengend

  85. author

    Buki MonsterHace un hora

    Who else thought that was Shia Lebeouf with white hair?!

  86. author

    abdollah kridHace 2 horas

    vidéo speed 1.75 wooooooooooooow!!!!

  87. author

    Captain LeviHace 2 horas

    These type of songs never die they become a part of you

  88. author

    Nemo_KHace 2 horas


  89. author

    Toxic ADCHace 2 horas

    u baited us so hard .... no one cares about arabic language we want a north african middle east SERVER ... i'm from algeria nd i play in EUW with minimum of 80ping CMON U CREATED LIKE 99999 GAMES ND U CAN'T EVEN SUPPORT ARABIC PLAYERS WITH A SERVER WTF RIOT

  90. author

    fabian prra y diego prraHace 2 horas

    Animation of noxus and jonia i think has really good

  91. author

    Larcrozz plzHace 2 horas

    Jinx rework ?!!

  92. author

    D FlameHace 2 horas

    Glad I check the description first

  93. author

    Amy VergaraHace 2 horas


  94. author

    laurendudleyxHace 2 horas

    📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲 ســمــعــت🧏‍♂️ كــثــيــر مــن الـشـبـاب يـبـحـثـون عـن طـريـقـة فــعــالــة✅ لــتــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب وأنــا أبـشـركـم😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عــلــى الـطـريـقـة الأصـح👍 والـمـنـاسـبـة👍 وهـتـشـكـرنـي بـعـديـهـا تــواصــل مـعـي وأنـا بـشـرح لـك ســر الــوصــفــة الـواتـسـاب *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

  95. author

    Patate DouceHace 2 horas

    still thresh > lucian (even dou he a strong n)

  96. author

    JUTSU DO MITOHace 2 horas

    Alguem pode me dizer o tipo de animaçao de rabiscos no rosto dos clone dos campeões... Queria saber

  97. author

    carlos tiagoHace 2 horas

    Eu vou amar

  98. author

    Yes NoHace 2 horas

    Let's see what others kind of games they can make: - RTS: You choose a faction, minions as villager, marksmans, tanks, bruiser as them, Ahri or Evelynn as Monks to convert enemies. Get wololoed! - Turn based RPG: Maybe a FF or Dragon Quest like. Imagine equip an Ashe with Darius' Axe... Or a Teemo with Garen Sword! Could be fun :D - Maybe a sport game? American football with poros as ball? And ofc Braum as Referee! Any others ideas? :D

  99. author

    Jannik HeßHace 2 horas

    Jesus im actually so hyped right now!

  100. author

    Prince AlphansoHace 2 horas

    Who is hear after listening this in world's stream