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  1. author

    Danai GHace 13 minutos

    Suarez looks like a chef with this hat

  2. author

    Iuri pio RussoHace 25 minutos

    Questo Eh Mio Bomber Vince Sempre Pallone D'Oro Perché Lui Eh Lyon Messi D' Oro

  3. author

    Utsab SahaHace 27 minutos

    Good job boss

  4. author

    Luis CerqueiraHace 27 minutos


  5. author

    Hamza IbricHace 30 minutos

    Ansu fati is mine favorite player right now

  6. author

    GUCCI-LiOr.T. _Hace 36 minutos


  7. author

    Leo MessiHace 42 minutos

    Barcelona The best

  8. author

    Realman KhardHace 49 minutos

    Behind the scene which wasn't there : Football Mafia.

  9. author

    Marvin ProkopfHace 50 minutos

    I came as i saw this pass from Ronaldinho 3:30

  10. author

    DanteelGamHace 53 minutos

    Im not a Barcelona fan but this is amazing

  11. author

    ignacio rein 10 reinHace 58 minutos

    Juega al fornite

  12. author

    Jay GHace un hora

    Wow they played cat and mouse..

  13. author

    Fútbol 408 LfHace un hora

    Más que un club = una familia

  14. author

    venanzio williamHace un hora

    good for us for our wins guys

  15. author

    Tôi là QuânHace un hora

    Mate's so Cuteeeee

  16. author

    Movie ManiaHace un hora

    Messi jadi anak bawang. 🤣

  17. author

    حمودي الرومانسيHace un hora

    Why all the fuss who is this that you are interested in

  18. author

    VパンVぱんマンHace un hora


  19. author

    Abdiqani officialHace un hora

    he deserves it

  20. author

    Yanto SuyatnoHace un hora

    Mesi g layak ini sungguh konyol di dapet laliga aja ko jadi peraih balon dor ini sungguh memalukan diliat dari sisi mana mesi pemain terbaik.....Ronaldo dua x di kurangi....taun lalu di berikan modrik....taun ini di kasih mesi ....ini sungguh TDK adil bubarin aja g usah ada pemain terbaik kalo g jujur

  21. author

    Naveen SankarHace un hora

    Not to spoil the fun but seeing how much he's achieved makes me think about the fact he's nearing retirement and I don't know if I'll survive that😥

  22. author

    Rayan DJHace un hora

    Arturo Vidal the beast

  23. author

    Aboubacar Sidick DiabyHace un hora

    legend of history best

  24. author

    Musavir AzadHace un hora

    Lionel Messi is the King of football

  25. author

    asraful fardinHace un hora

    There's really no room for doubt that Only " Leo The MESSI " has the worthy of getting the Ballon d'or .

  26. author

    giosephking09Hace un hora

    like se lo guardi pk lo ha visto gabby

  27. author

    Nahuel Pugliese BallestaHace un hora

    A la verga no se ingles

  28. author

    Aly askaryHace un hora


  29. author

    Công NguyễnHace 2 horas


  30. author

    Công NguyễnHace 2 horas

    a trai oi cho e muọn 1 đến 2 triệu usd đc không anh oi e đang rất cần tiền

  31. author

    Tamomimo THace 2 horas

    Number 4 and 7 of BARÇA = Genius

  32. author

    Maciej JaniszewskiHace 2 horas

    Mam nadzieje że pewne 3pkt 😊

  33. author

    1 DirectionerHace 2 horas

    Who likes the one with blue t-shirt

  34. author

    Matteo BastasinHace 2 horas

    Does anyone know the song’s name? Plz

  35. author

    Mc_creekerHace 2 horas


  36. author

    Spot 18Hace 2 horas

    Messi ,griezmann fans

  37. author

    Ailton Araujo Da Silva AraujoHace 2 horas

    Barça parças

  38. author

    Ailton Araujo Da Silva AraujoHace 2 horas

    Vamos barça

  39. author

    Ailton Araujo Da Silva AraujoHace 2 horas

    Força barça

  40. author

    sidedy sidedyHace 2 horas

    Like aj

  41. author

    Bittu BiswasHace 2 horas

    neto should get more chances

  42. author

    Noah AsmarHace 2 horas

    Vamos Barca love Barca Insha Allah Barca win Messi Suarez grizman score love Allah soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  43. author

    Price Kiill0Hace 2 horas

    Valverde OUT William👍 Neymar 👎 Martinez 👍

  44. author

    Scorpio SnakeHace 2 horas

    Don't you guys think it's bad for the defenders and goalkeepers self confidence training with Messi . Lol . The guy's scoring goals as if he's taking a walk in the park .

  45. author

    JJ RyanHace 2 horas

    All the best for El Clasico. As usual one of the teams is already pretending they have injuries to try to mess with the other team's heads. Don't fall for it! Assume they will be full strength.

  46. author

    佟鹤Hace 2 horas

    2:25. Suares 3:19 Messi

  47. author

    Chrifa MalakHace 3 horas

    Vamoooos ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  48. author

    Tanha LiakotHace 3 horas

    I am Messi's big fan . He is a person who just not alives in the heart of 🇦🇷 but for the whole world. I know that when we die people never remember me 😞😞 but LEO MESSI is forever . 2050 :: The greatest Icon footballer

  49. author

    Marco RossiHace 3 horas


  50. author

    حسين البرشلونيHace 3 horas


  51. author

    Marco RossiHace 3 horas

    Messi is a genious

  52. author

    محمد الخفاجيHace 3 horas

    ان شاء الله يوم تفوزون برشلونه الابطال

  53. author

    Messi king RtsHace 3 horas

    Se o Barcelona deixar Vidal embora mais uma cagada que vão fazer.o cara da o sangue pelo time.

  54. author

    Antonio17Hace 3 horas

    Music? Pls

  55. author

    Jeki KyshtobaevHace 3 horas

    Лоооох кооот

  56. author

    oumarou abdouHace 3 horas

    Scandalou ! ! ! 😡😡😡

  57. author

    Epic DebnathHace 3 horas

    Love You Messi ❤️❤️❤️

  58. author

    Waris WarisHace 3 horas

    Leo messi boss love

  59. author

    Niezwykły KibicHace 3 horas


  60. author

    Shade SparkHace 3 horas

    6 dragon Ball

  61. author

    Football LegendHace 3 horas

    2:25 from Suarez. Have a great weekend ❤️😊 No need to like 😃

  62. author

    Lázaro ReyHace 3 horas

    Suárez era el del gorro y el coso ese? Jajaja irreconocible, así que él fué el que se resbaló 🤣

  63. author

    Dario GracaHace 3 horas

    Non m'errité. J'aourrais donné a Ronaldo👍👍

  64. author

    ozlem ygulerHace 3 horas

    Who says ronaldo better

  65. author

    Alexey SHace 3 horas

    football god communicates with football jesus

  66. author

    Rocky عقيد الفيفاHace 3 horas

    0:22 poor Mateo 😂😂😂

  67. author

    Click From BDHace 3 horas


  68. author

    Click From BDHace 3 horas


  69. author

    Click From BDHace 3 horas


  70. author

    Victor LacapellaHace 3 horas

    If the fat suarez could have done that at anfield...

  71. author

    Nathan FedjoHace 3 horas

    Fati is even better on eaders than mes6

  72. author

    BurazzHace 4 horas

    Balkanci Like

  73. author

    Oihan Echavarri RodríguezHace 4 horas

    Vos no pongas

  74. author

    Ratna GurungHace 4 horas


  75. author

    Мидвидъ ПетровичHace 4 horas

    Русские есть?

  76. author

    jino jacobHace 4 horas


  77. author

    LeoPlusXHace 4 horas

    Juga para tu país gato

  78. author

    Mr. 7modeHace 4 horas


  79. author

    Anup ShuklaHace 4 horas

    I wish it was in English or had subtitles 😭😭

  80. author

    رياض العصيدهHace 4 horas

    البرسا متعه كره القدم انهم كوكب رائع جدا ممزوج ومطعم بنجوم كره القدم وبالاخص الاسطوره ليونيل ميسي نتمى من قناتكم الموقرة ان تزيد من الفلوكات الممتعه تحياتي

  81. author

    Kasim CibrićHace 4 horas

    Bice jos najmanje jedna zlatna lopta Messi

  82. author

    Прикольный МемHace 4 horas


  83. author

    Methembe BgerHace 4 horas

    Please leave out the music

  84. author

    Nutny JanHace 4 horas

    I had to luck seen barcelona match on "old Camp nou" cos there was played many fantastic game . I was on match this November Barcelona vs Celta Vigo .. Messi was unstoppable. My dream come true from my childhood .. 4years I was when I first seen barca in tv now I'm 29 and my dream come ..

  85. author

    Mustafa SaliovHace 4 horas

    Father of football. Mr Ronaldinho. I was so lucky that I grow by watching your skills. Thank you dear. Always you will be my favorite player.

  86. author

    Apduweli TubeHace 4 horas

    Barce💔Iam from somalia🇸🇴

  87. author

    first lastHace 4 horas

    Kamata Madafaka !!!!

  88. author

    Zuki DjordjevicHace 4 horas

    Ajmo barsa

  89. author

    Darren KennethHace 4 horas

    And once messi retires who the fuck will want to watch Barcelona? This should have been done 10 years ago

  90. author

    abin.k.r abin rejiHace 4 horas

    Like the world... only football king lion messi

  91. author

    Adil NawawiHace 5 horas

    Messi just need 1 more then he can summons the dragon

  92. author

    ميمات سعيد سعيدHace 5 horas

    Good luck

  93. author

    Sebastiana MatthewsHace 5 horas

    Good on you my dear. Got bless you. From Brazil

  94. author

    Girly FRHace 5 horas

    Le meilleur

  95. author

    Lionel MessiHace 5 horas

    Lionel Messi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cristiano Ronaldo

  96. author

    Mjjohnson 2010Hace 5 horas

    The other players are not even surprised 😱 because he does it to them week in week out in training 🤣

  97. author

    Meow NaemHace 5 horas

    No doubt Messi deserve it but i think its time for lew..

  98. author

    MONTEGA 380Hace 5 horas

    BRAVO LÉO MESSI 🏆🏆🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  99. author

    Aykchat KalitaHace 5 horas

    Finally saw Messi and Griezmann together.... They are friends now

  100. author

    #391RahatHace 5 horas