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  1. author

    IDEK CreationsHace 2 meses

    Hella dope video!

  2. author

    EclipZe MuzikHace 3 meses

    dope page!

  3. author

    AlusHace 9 meses

    awesome!! pls check out my covers on my channel!

  4. author

    flawless851Hace un año

    hey good day i like your page may we can collab some time

  5. author

    Kidd WesHace un año


  6. author

    CCGtvHace un año

    I just checked out your video, dopeeeeee, stay blessed !!!

  7. author

    CCGtvHace un año

    I just checked out your channel, dopeeeeee, stay blessed !!!

  8. author

    Haus ToysHace 2 años

    Cool video! (^.^)(^.^)(^.^)(^.^)

  9. author

    Vinal InigoHace 3 años

    Love the videos! When are you going to upload more videos? Cheers! :d

  10. author

    Shayma ZakraouiHace 4 años

    You should do a live stream! Like if you want the Fine Bros. to do a live stream!

  11. author

    AngryKid2008Hace 4 años

    Teens/ESreporterrs react to Kid Snippets. Grown-up situations as imagined by kids.

  12. author

    Vincenzo Di GiuseppantonioHace 4 años


  13. author

    Alan RamirezHace 4 años

    do a react to dead island 2 the trailer

  14. author

    Ben georgeHace 4 años

    Teens react to jackass 3d

  15. author

    Kristoffer bergströmHace 4 años

    Teens react to Steel Panther- Gloryhole

  16. author

    Rithy HengHace 4 años

    Watch dogs pls either kids or elders

  17. author

    Mia GreenHace 4 años

    Teens react to Yugioh season 0

  18. author

    eliHace 4 años

    Show them Halo reach!!! plz +TheFineBros

  19. author

    IbbyGaming99Hace 4 años

    Teens React To MunchingBrotato

  20. author

    pwing711Hace 4 años

    Teens React TO Maon Kurosaki: Magic World please!

  21. author

    chillertal333Hace 4 años

    Teens React to Dragonball

  22. author

    Joe BarrHace 4 años

    Kids React to Hulkamania

  23. author

    Mola LukuHace 4 años

    kids react to babymetal

  24. author

    Paige MeHace 4 años

    Everyone react to 5 seconds of summer

  25. author

    Balasz ThomasHace 4 años

    Teams react to sky does minecraft its so awesome:)

  26. author

    Seiko ShinoharaHace 4 años

    Could you do a Teens react to "Japan earthquake 2011" please....? (╯_╰)

  27. author

    jovan lim zhengyuHace 4 años

    teens/ youtubers react PSY - HANGOVER feat. Snoop Dogg M/V

  28. author

    Blaise EvoraHace 4 años

    Teens react to The Hacks of Life

  29. author

    Brina D LHace 4 años

    Psy Hangover reactions!!!

  30. author

    Petru CassiusHace 4 años

    Elders react to QWOP

  31. author

    andrewszombieHace 4 años

    Teens react to Eminem - Headlights :D

  32. author

    Adriana CastilloHace 4 años

    teens react to ihascupqake

  33. author

    Ze-FandomsHace 4 años

    teens react to markiplier draw my life (or markiplier normal then draw my life)!

  34. author

    livealovelifeHace 4 años

    youtubers and elders react of "The Last Lick (Last Moments #1)"

  35. author

    Winter Is The Best SeasonHace 4 años

    Elders react to Gorrilaz music videos.

  36. author

    AlmondMender2Hace 4 años

    kid react to old TV

  37. author

    AlmondMender2Hace 4 años

    teen react to Watsky- Dent in the Moon and Watsky- IDGAF esreporter.com/block-UCLJcVCVvcD802r80B9oaM3A

  38. author

    AlmondMender2Hace 4 años

    Teens react to Game Theory esreporter.com/block-UCo_IB5145EVNcf8hw1Kku7w

  39. author

    MewStasheHace 4 años

    ESreporterRS REACT TO: [Vinesauce] Joel - Windows XP Destruction. PLEASE

  40. author

    PTuliniHace 4 años

    I want to see "Kids React to: Old Video Game Systems." (NES, SNES, Genesis etc.)

  41. author

    Chloe ParkHace 4 años

    Please do teens react to Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  42. author

    Capes SegalHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs react to dark sauce 1 and 2. It's a random animation parody

  43. author

    Syahmi SazaliHace 4 años

    Teens react to markiplier

  44. author

    AMP3DUPGUYHace 4 años

    The youtubers should react to Serega Chernii Bumer its a russian song

  45. author

    Fernando HerreraHace 4 años

    Teens react to icejjfish LOL

  46. author

    animegamer blueHace 4 años

    kida react to Caramelldansen dubsetep and roblox

  47. author

    tron198Hace 4 años

    Request: Die Antwoord "Fatty Boom Boom"

  48. author

    Joy GregorioHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs react to Crack Kid

  49. author

    Razer213666Hace 4 años

    kids react to Ich lieb dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht

  50. author

    ElCaptainBazookaHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs react to the asdf movies

  51. author

    A NgryBirdsTeamHace 4 años


  52. author

    Lucas CraigHace 4 años

    Teens react to Pentatonix Daft Punk Medley!

  53. author

    The CooperlinnealHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs react to starbomb any of the songs

  54. author

    Crazydude99Hace 4 años

    Teens react to SCP-Containment breach or teens react to YGOTAS

  55. author

    Joshua KnorrHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs React to L.A Beast

  56. author

    Genre ClashHace 4 años

    Anyone reacts to cinematic sins

  57. author

    MonkleyHace 4 años

    Hey! can you please do a kids react to 'Dear Kitten' Thanks -Ivy and Skylar

  58. author

    thegreenhulk78Hace 4 años

    Kids react to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  59. author

    Googleplayfuckoff TraceyIzBossHace 4 años

    Elders react to RoosterTeeth

  60. author

    lance cardonHace 4 años

    kids react to redkb or rubiks cube

  61. author

    MrJoblessHace 4 años

    teens react to thecreaturehub (thecreatures)

  62. author

    Jose CastroHace 4 años

    Teens react to rwby trailer red it's a good anime made by rooster teeth

  63. author

    WazpsHace 4 años


  64. author

    WazpsHace 4 años

    tenn react to sherk simulator that will scare them

  65. author

    Red HandHace 4 años

    teens react to marilyn manson?

  66. author

    João Pedro Costa-NunesHace 4 años

    or Kids react to A Capella

  67. author

    João Pedro Costa-NunesHace 4 años

    Kids/Teens React to Barney Stinson

  68. author

    brianaloya loyaHace 4 años

    Man fights off Great White Shark in Sydney Harbor

  69. author

    PeridotHace 4 años

    please do teens react to matthew santoro! he's a really awesome youtuber who's very funny and lists off a bunch of cool random facts every week. seriously DO IT.

  70. author

    Kenneth PorterHace 4 años

    We need Kids React to the Phonograph. (Wax cylinder player if you really want to go old school!)

  71. author

    madison grantHace 4 años

    Hey can you do "social experiment" there is such a huge message to each and every one!! It talks about america today.

  72. author

    crazycat06212Hace 4 años

    do Nabi Commercials

  73. author

    Maisy DaisyHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs and/or Teens react to funny gamers. Ex: Two Best Friends Play, UberHaxorNova, SSoHPKC, ImmortalHD, Mr. Sark, etc.

  74. author

    ioanna m.Hace 4 años

    Teens/youtubers react to the game "Can your pet"

  75. author

    CpCheats2007Hace 4 años

    youtubers react to youtube poops!

  76. author

    HellFire720Hace 4 años

    youtubers/teens react to Sonic.exe

  77. author

    crazyg478Hace 4 años

    elders or teens react to hopsin

  78. author

    jdwarp7Hace 4 años

    Teens, Elders react to Halo: Master Chief Collection

  79. author

    Bryana ManningHace 4 años


  80. author

    Taryn HendrenHace 4 años

    Elders react to: Salad Fingers

  81. author

    Alex JHace 4 años

    Teens react to Dead Island 2!

  82. author

    Shoshie KoppelHace 4 años

    teens/youtubers/kids react to "A Day Made of Glass"

  83. author

    Shoshie KoppelHace 4 años

    youtubers/teens react to "Sh*t Girls Say"

  84. author

    Shoshie KoppelHace 4 años

    teens react to the 7 second challenge

  85. author

    Shoshie KoppelHace 4 años

    youtubers react to AVByte

  86. author

    Kaus LeiliHace 4 años

    Hey +TheFineBros can you do a teen react to mekaku city actors please if you can that would be great

  87. author

    John HoHace 4 años

    Teens or Elders react to PSY - Hangover (feat. Snopp Dogg)

  88. author

    crazedmeatHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs React to: The horribly slow murderer with an extremely inefficient weapon?

  89. author

    Gem BocoboHace 4 años

    elders react to among the sleep!

  90. author

    Its-A-Me OmarioHace 4 años

    Teens react to: Game Theory

  91. author

    Isaac AcuñaHace 4 años

    Have the teens react to Psy's new song Hangover

  92. author

    brittany wilsonHace 4 años

    teens react to "the perks of being a wallflower"

  93. author

    Thomas DrummondHace 4 años

    You guys should do a youtubers react to Weezer's Pork and Beans Music video. Since it has a heap of youtube references.

  94. author

    Beth LeighHace 4 años

    youtubers react to you're a wizars harry

  95. author

    Super Mario PicturesHace 4 años


  96. author

    Alex RobinsonHace 4 años

    Teens react to HcBailly

  97. author

    Sonia MarisaHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs react to Luigi Death Stare! (Or Teens!)

  98. author

    Happy popHace 4 años

    kids react to "Let It Go" from Frozen according to Google Translate (PARODY)

  99. author

    Giant BlacknessHace 4 años

    teens react to username 666

  100. author

    Connor LachmanecHace 4 años

    ESreporterrs react to Amanda Palmer.