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Why I stopped.Why I stopped.

Why I stopped.

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Forbidden memesForbidden memes

Forbidden memes

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It's time to STOP!It's time to STOP!

It's time to STOP!

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Best Week Ever.Best Week Ever.

Best Week Ever.

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100 000 000 Subs100 000 000 Subs

100 000 000 Subs

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FaceApp ReviewFaceApp Review

FaceApp Review

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Papers, Please!Papers, Please!

Papers, Please!

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Minecraft Part 1Minecraft Part 1

Minecraft Part 1

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Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

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E3 2019 SummarizedE3 2019 Summarized

E3 2019 Summarized

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  1. author

    Waldorf Puppet Masters Montague,CoxHace 6 minutos

    Finally man. Don’t apologize thats not your responsibility anymore

  2. author

    Angry GamzzHace 6 minutos

    Wow it was so nice

  3. author

    Albert EssiawHace 6 minutos

    Play RLCraft.

  4. author

    Rakshak HingaweHace 6 minutos

    S T O P B L A C K M A I L I N G PewDiePie 😉

  5. author

    Notelot NotelotHace 6 minutos

    22:00 SWORE

  6. author

    Moe LesterHace 6 minutos

    Everyone who wnats to die should just meet Keanu Reeves. Your pain will turn into happiness

  7. author

    SkerliHace 6 minutos

    What is sound on 0:00?

  8. author

    Bob WalkerHace 6 minutos

    You should donate it to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

  9. author

    Amzar GamingHace 6 minutos

    15:02 PewDiePie says Indonesian language!

  10. author

    THE HACKERMANHace 6 minutos

    Great video by PewDiePie. Time for everyone to grow up and finally turn 10.

  11. author

    sanfrancisco1Hace 6 minutos

    We must to listen this in the area 51

  12. author

    Pedro CasteloHace 6 minutos

    OI BRASIL 🇧🇷

  13. author

    JSparks17Hace 6 minutos

    #2 on trending for GAMING

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    Rodrigo PuertoHace 7 minutos

    I’m charity, donate to me

  15. author

    mr duck 2019Hace 7 minutos

    pls like me my brother bully me he has 211 likes

  16. author

    MaxeldorHace 7 minutos

    I Didn't Even Notice The "So Guys We Did It" NoIcE

  17. author

    ChrisHace 7 minutos

    he went from lol at someone who killed himself to SJW in under a year.

  18. author

    Chryen50Hace 7 minutos

    6:01 is that "spicy meatball" the one frome the guy who wrestles with crocodiles and snakes

  19. author

    VisualKaiHace 7 minutos

    omfg I'm crying so hard, this was too intense

  20. author

    ReconGhostKillerHace 7 minutos

    Omg, I didn’t know what projared looked like before this video. How has he garnered any attention from attractive young fans?

  21. author

    elisangela diasHace 7 minutos

    I’m from Sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. author

    Edelweiss Rolex BonHace 7 minutos

    Damn this graphic is scaring me....Idk why but it's kinda creepy..Still love the vid tho hahaha

  23. author

    sad grapeHace 7 minutos


  24. author

    Niyash R'vaHace 7 minutos

    You know what would be better for PewNews is Recent Updates around the World about Space,Technology anything else

  25. author

    Syn_addictHace 7 minutos

    I’m gonna miss her so much 😿 Poppy

  26. author

    ZedKai GameTMHace 7 minutos

    11:36:43 Aw man

  27. author

    WtfSpookyHace 7 minutos


  28. author

    DubsBrownHace 7 minutos

    Watch this video twice and you spend a whole day with pewds

  29. author

    Xlender 720Hace 7 minutos

    I'm from Georgia and I simply don't understand why would someone claim something that they have no clue about. Thank you Felix for speaking out.

  30. author

    Ty DamkåsHace 7 minutos

    U should sonate to the UN

  31. author

    lmaoanaHace 7 minutos


  32. author

    Trent MilnerHace 7 minutos

    Hey use that money to plant some trees!

  33. author

    Arasan M.Hace 8 minutos

    Me: belittles weebs at every given opportunity Pewds: insults marie Me: smile fades a bit

  34. author

    Mega GamerHace 8 minutos

    How every ESreporterr can play Minecraft for hours and other people can’t🧐

  35. author

    Jaxwithax AsfskgHace 8 minutos

    How did Pew news get number two on trending for gaming?

  36. author

    Notelot NotelotHace 8 minutos

    20:46 SWORE

  37. author

    IdeologicTubeHace 8 minutos

    Jack: can you believe Minecraft invented video games? Media: So minecraft invented violence

  38. author

    Anonymous PhilippinesHace 8 minutos

    I 2x you i dont fricking understand what you say

  39. author

    BEARHace 8 minutos

    Pewds: *takes a piss* Media: "he's making fun of people who don't have toilets!"

  40. author

    Jennifer SablanHace 8 minutos

    Did Gloria Borger pull a reverse card on Mary Ham?

  41. author

    NecroOmegaHace 8 minutos

    people like to label everything

  42. author

    Boom Bantic SkullHace 8 minutos

    Can't believe this man is now Minecraft ruler of the world, I'm proud

  43. author

    Seth GroehbuehlHace 8 minutos

    PewDiePie: "We're all idiots" Me: Preach!

  44. author

    Mihail YordanovHace 8 minutos


  45. author

    Titan EastHace 8 minutos

    I am the recommendation Donate to someone and change his life. These charities are dumb

  46. author

    elisangela diasHace 8 minutos

    Why don’t you speak Swedish because, I’m from Sweden!

  47. author

    takinekoHace 8 minutos

    I felt bad for Pro-Jared when I saw his video, but he's still unwise for just asking strangers who want his nudes what their age is. That's not the same as KNOWING their age for sure. Of course someone's gonna lie. Of course your nudes are gonna end up everywhere. I don't think he's 100% innocent because of that.

  48. author

    X Dirty Star XHace 9 minutos

    Should have sheared the grass for more bone meat!! Toss it in a composter

  49. author

    Flashtronomer GaminHace 9 minutos

    no one: literally no one: pewdiepie: flip-flop-flip-flip pewdiepie days later: becomes philosopher

  50. author

    JDJDH eHace 9 minutos

    Pewdiepie: *this is livestream i can swear whatever i wan't* Ninja: *What the hell hon? You cannot swear in live stream* I don't understand??

  51. author

    S KHace 9 minutos

    How many times did pewds write cgh instead of chest?

  52. author

    樹高世界一の近くの木Hace 9 minutos

    ぜひまた来てください!!! 貴方のような人素晴らしい人間が日本に来てくれた事にとても感謝します!

  53. author

    Pedro SanchezHace 9 minutos

    BBC B: Big B: Burnt C: Cookie

  54. author

    Gamer Never DieHace 9 minutos

    I think im annoyed on her voice

  55. author

    TrevionViolinHace 9 minutos

    I think you should donate to Cancer research

  56. author

    Chaitanya MorajkarHace 9 minutos

    Bhosdika Sala fuck off

  57. author

    Vincenzo MartoneHace 9 minutos

    Dio porco

  58. author

    Cloned AccountHace 9 minutos

    Pewds : brofist Media : He threatened his fans

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    Notelot NotelotHace 9 minutos

    19:55 SWORE

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    Kucing FrustHace 9 minutos


  61. author

    Ethan AHace 9 minutos

    Same I wear a lot of independent stuff and have a flip skateboard and get called a racist for it no one understands that the iron cross and all the other crosses are all over the place

  62. author

    BrainHace 9 minutos

    Mmm yes

  63. author

    Thottius MaximusHace 10 minutos

    Why am I just now seeing this video?

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    jello_boi362Hace 10 minutos

    6:03:26 prepare for the inevitable

  65. author

    Nova JakobssonHace 10 minutos

    donera till amazonaskogen! utan den är vi körda...

  66. author

    William the ConquerorHace 10 minutos

    Pew Power

  67. author

    SpirοHace 10 minutos

    It’s a shame how being big on ESreporter is so great and so bad at the same time, now pewdiepie has to be careful of what he says and what he does, because the media will twist his words and get clicks. Pathetic really.

  68. author

    SeHaryuHace 10 minutos

    Pewds and Marzia, congrats!! What a beautiful wedding... bless you both.

  69. author

    Mr Mudkip 2006Hace 10 minutos

    Number 9 says Nevada right

  70. author

    HitlerHace 10 minutos


  71. author

    ItsProSwiftHace 10 minutos

    The best Minecraft video that I doing other than you make this be a priority to reacting to this

  72. author

    Emma och Linnéa !Hace 10 minutos

    Spela minecraft!!!!!!! Snälla älskar när du gör det speciellt i broland!!!!!!! Snälla snälla!!!!

  73. author

    beckkyym _Hace 10 minutos

    pewds and jack should do a hardcore survival world together🤔🤔

  74. author

    Lena A.ZHace 10 minutos

    T series has more subs than pewdiepie, but pewds gets millions more views lol

  75. author

    Notelot NotelotHace 11 minutos

    19:12 SWORE

  76. author

    adam cohenHace 11 minutos

    It's sad that you need to explain yourself. Love you .p.

  77. author

    Hoàng LýHace 11 minutos

    Please play terraria pews

  78. author

    สุริยัน ไชยสุรินทร์Hace 11 minutos

    Roblox pls

  79. author

    Portal007Games CZHace 11 minutos

    why pewdiepie started launghing when someone is crying it makes me cry too

  80. author

    cgy2144Hace 11 minutos

    27:48 That's where the Hardcore aspect comes in; you have to battle the constant feeling of crippling loneliness

  81. author

    Gaming TvHace 11 minutos

    Sooooooo cute

  82. author

    Victor Serr_Hace 11 minutos


  83. author

    Kaiser Tip Edwards IIHace 11 minutos

    the iron cross is still used in the MODERN DAY German military

  84. author

    Crøütøn CrumbsHace 11 minutos

    If you were to donate to Peta and cancel it, no one would have said anything cuz they know *Peta bad*

  85. author

    Mega GamerHace 11 minutos

    I am gonna end this in two weeks

  86. author

    GM NGHace 11 minutos

    6:16 Hillary is that you??

  87. author

    I draw, but meme at the same time UwUHace 11 minutos

    Pewdiepie: I,m just doing a quick little livestream *livestream is 12 hours* My homework: well yes, but no

  88. author

    nba_3mmanu31 _Hace 11 minutos

    I cent ripe lmol

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    Farahmohamedsharawy AdelHace 11 minutos


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    Louise MarieHace 11 minutos

    i wish that pewds will play pokemon in minecraft. like uf you also think so

  92. author

    Night SkyHace 11 minutos

    Dear pewdiepie, if you would like to do charity( or anything that involves money, fame power towards publicity), its better if you do it privately so the medias wont get jealous... Unless it needs to be announce for the public to know For example: "pewdiepie donated 50,000$ to PEWNEWS for the good job"

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    Ded-GangHace 12 minutos


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    ABHINAV SHROFFHace 12 minutos


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    Aditya BishtHace 12 minutos

    Chutiyu he is just laghing at our country because we used make that type of serials and he do not knw what we have achieved

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    Penny and TransHace 12 minutos

    I'm missing the area 51 raid for this

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    Banana ananaBHace 12 minutos


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    Notelot NotelotHace 12 minutos


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    Olivia ScrutonHace 12 minutos

    Donate to Gun Owners of America 😊

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    シエルHace 12 minutos

    Pewds have you watched weathering with you?